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Strengthen Dog’s Immune System

 Submitted by Michael Adams on December 22, 2009

It is common for dogs to suffer from immunological weakness that might lead to conditions like shortness of breath, allergies, inflammatory bowel disorders, thyroid malfunctioning, diabetes, recurrent ear infections and even cancer. Among the most common, manifest symptoms of weak immunity in dogs are frequent skin lesions, constant licking of the paws and scratching of body parts due to skin irritation. In more serious cases, the dog may suffer from occasional spells of unconsciousness and seizures.

Mostly, it is because of a bacterial or viral attack that the dog’s immunity becomes weakened. Also, exposure to strong, harmful chemical present in pesticides, floor cleaning solutions, mosquito repellants, and air and water-borne pollutants attack the natural immune system of dog and renders it weak. However, the underlying cause behind susceptibility to microbial infections and adverse reaction to chemicals is the lack of essential nutrients in the dog’s diet.

There are conventional forms of medication such as homeopathy that help improve dog’s immunity gradually. However, in order to achieve the best results naturally, you should take care of what you feed your dog. In the first few weeks of its life, the puppy should be allowed to feed on its mother’s milk as much as possible. Mother’s milk contains lots of crucial antibodies that are transferred directly into the body of the puppy and offer lifelong immunity against several infections and ailments. In addition to this, always buy food that has been approved by the FDA for the consumption of dogs. Look for vital ingredients such as milk thistle, Indian ginseng, mistletoe and cat’s claw in packaged, processed dog food. The presence of minerals like zinc and selenium and vitamins A, B, D and E in the food should also be considered while buying dog food. These natural ingredients go a long way in strengthening the immune system of your pet. Egg yolks are an effective means of boosting the pet’s immunity too. Also, make sure that the food you purchase for your pet does not contain too many artificial additives and preservatives, as these tend to weaken the immune system of the dog. Do not use plastic utensils to feed the dog. Porcelain and steel utensils that are easy to clean are recommended. Keep the floors and the furniture clean in order to minimize the changes of infection. As the dog grows older, take special care to keep a check on his/her body weight by exercising him/her regularly.
Pet Health Instructor
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