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How to stop dog's chewing behavior

(December 22, 2009)

Chewing behavior in a dog can be extremely destructive, because of which the dog should be discouraged or stopped as soon as the behavior is exhibited. For this, you may need to examine several other behaviors which may be required to combat this habit effectively.
First, look at the objects that the dog is chewing. Usually a dog chews things that are within its reach. Objects like shoes, handbags and cushions should be kept out of reach of the dog. This is a part of teaching good behavior and self control. Still, there may be some objects which are too hard for the dog to resist. These temptations should be removed from the path of the dog. If they cannot be removed, they should be sprayed with a bitter spray that will prevent the dog from chewing the object.

When the dog experiences the bitter taste, it will stop chewing immediately. If the dog chews its own feet, the bitter spray will deter the dog from chewing its own feet too.Once the temptation is removed, try to find out why the dog is chewing so much. If your dog is still young or only a little puppy, it may be teething, because of which it likes to bite something. Get your dog a chew toy. If the dog is in pain because of the teething, purchase a chew toy and freeze it before giving it to your dog. This will help soothe the pain in the gums and will deter the dog from chewing other things in the surroundings.

Some dogs may chew because they are lonely and bored. Lack of things to do may cause the dog to indulge in chewing. Dogs, when stressed, may also chew more than usual. Try not to ignore your dog. A dog that is lonely and companionless may feel depressed and dejected. In such a case, chewing is an act of self mutilation. Try giving your dog raw treats every now and then so that it keeps itself occupied. Get your dog some toys so that in your absence the dog doesn’t get bored.
Obedience training is another important thing that can help you keep your dog from chewing. However, never punish your dog physically because this only causes more anxiety in the dog, and results in increased chewing behavior. With that, you may also have to change some of your own behaviors. Wrestling with your dog or trying to pull out chew toys from its mouth only encourages the dog to bite and chew.

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