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Can fleas make a dog sick?

(March 26, 2010)

Fleas are tiny parasitic insects that have no wings and are capable of jumping long distances in order to move from place to place. Fleas are rated as being second of all animals and insects when it comes to distance they can jump in proportion to their size.

Fleas are a type of parasite. They are external to the body and live of the blood of their host. Their mouths are designed to cut the skin and suck blood for nourishment. There are different types of fleas and they can affect cats, dogs, birds and even humans.

Flea bites can have harmful effects on your dog. The primary symptom that your dog is infested with fleas is itching and irritated skin. If you see your dog scratching an area too much it is possible that the dog has been bitten by a flea. This scratching tends to aggravate the area rather than repairing it and may lead to your dog developing a rash around the area. Some dogs are also allergic to flea bites. This is the case with weaker dogs whose immune system is already compromised. When it comes to sick dog care, you may take some generic remedial steps such as washing your dog thoroughly, cleaning its wound with antiseptic and making sure it does not bite or scratch the wound.

Preventative measures for fleas include keeping your house and surrounding areas clean. Most fleas are virtually invisible to the human eye and can go around the house undetected. It is important to clean your rugs and your floor, keep your dog clean, use anti-insect sprays, especially sprays that take care of fleas and improve the general hygiene of your dog and you house.

A more serious issue with fleas is that of tapeworm. Fleas carry a type of tapeworm that affects dogs or cats. If your dog happens to ingest a flea carrying this parasite, when attempting to clean itself, it may be ingested into the system. This can cause serious health problems for the dog as tapeworm parasites are extremely dangerous.

If your dog is sick, follow the general guidelines for how to care for a sick dog. However, if you notice a flea infestation and your dog is sick at the same time, visit your vet for a consultation. It is possible that your dog is infected by a flea borne illness. Remember, fleas can jump great distances and can enter your house from outside easily. Keep your house and dog clean regularly to avoid any flea related problems

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