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What is an ideal diet for a cat with UTI? Foods to prevent urinary tract infection in cats.

(April 28, 2010)

Cat urinary tract infection or UTI in cats is a very common problem that should not be taken lightly. Urinary tract infection in cats is a serious condition. A Urinary tract infection can occur even if the cat has been neutered. If not detected and treated at the right time it can lead to a complete blockage of the urinary Tract which will lead to permanent damage or even prove to be fatal. If a cat is suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection it will experience extreme pain while urinating. Sometimes you will hear the cat yowling and crying while urinating. Due to this pain the cat will pass only small amounts of urine all over the house especially in the corners. You may notice a little blood as well as strong odor in the cat urine. The cat will become very lazy and inactive in these times.

A Urinary tract infection can be caused due to bacteria found in the dry and canned pet food and also physical stress in cats. The ash content found on dry pet food can cause the bacteria in the food. The male cats have an increased risk for developing this infection because of kidney stones which lead to blockage of the urinary tract. Another factor is stress; because of the unhealthy environment at home or arguments or fights between humans, as cats are very sensitive and depend on their owners for love, guidance and sustenance. These effects may be behavioral, or may just develop illness due to anxiety.

During this infection along with antibiotics and supplements it is very necessary to have a proper diet for the cat to recover from this infection. An ideal cat diet suffering from this infection should be as follows:

  • A natural and healthy diet which will supply lots of Vitamins and Minerals to the cat.
  • Wet cat food is highly recommended for a cat in this condition.  
  • Foods with a low level of magnesium are also helpful as it reduces the risk of kidney stone to develop.
  • Give the cat a lot of clean, fresh water and fluids to drink as this helps in clear urinating.
  • Try and feed the cat herbs like Bearberry and Barberry. They help in preventing infections in the bladder.  
  • Also adding some tuna water to the drinking water is helpful.
  • Cat grass as well as Purina is a very good in helping the cat deal with this infection.
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