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How to Give Dog Pills?

(May 18, 2010)

When trying to feed one’s dog or cat some pills one needs to know how it is done as it is not that easy a task to do. In fact trying to give dog pills can be quite frustrating and annoying for both the dog and the owner if it is not done correctly. When trying to give dog medication there are various methods one can use to achieve this. One of the most common methods is to simply put the medicine in the dog food. However the success rate on this can vary as some dogs may sense or taste the medicine in the food and may end up totally rejecting the food.  

Another way to give dog medicine requires the use of some dog dishes, some dog treats and the dog medicine. First, start by placing the dog in a comfortable position, like the sitting position. Then proceed to hold the dog’s head with one hand in such a way your hand is over its muzzle and is tilting the dog’s head backwards at a 45 degree angle approximately. At this point the dog’s mouth will probably be shut so with your other hand you will need to hold the dog’s lower jaw and gently pries the mouth open. You will need to lift the lips of the dog apart.

Once the dog’s mouth is open you need to throw the pill as far down the dog’s throat a possible to prevent the dog trying to throw it up. Else you can try placing the pill under the dog’s tongue. Since the dog’s head is kept in the backwards position it will also prevent from biting you or chewing on your hand. Once the dose has been administered, hold the dog’s mouth closed and gently try and move the dog such that its nose is pointing downwards. You can also proceed to rub the animal’s neck gently. This is done to ensure that the dog swallows the pill and does not spit it out. Watch the dog for a few moments after wards to ensure that it does not hold the medicine in its mouth only to spit out some time later. One can give the dog some dog treats once the pill has been swallowed and also pet the dog. This way it may end up looking forward to the treat and the fondling post the pill being administered.

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