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Canine Vomiting | Stop Dog Vomiting White Foam, Yellow Mucus

Canine Vomiting Causes, Treatments
Whether it is a dog or a cat that you own, vomiting is a problem that you will inevitably have to deal with as a pet owner. A dog that is vomiting could be seriously ill, or it may be something trivial, but the worry that this behavior generates is usually that [...]

Cat Kneading Behavior, Meaning, Habit | Why Do Cats Knead

Cat Kneading
Cat kneading can seem strange and confusing to the uninitiated cat owner. But there is little that cats do that we actually truly understand. Much of their activity is shrouded in mystery, probably just the way they’d want it. The fact is that cats are truly wild, and although you may domesticate them, you [...]

Tick Control for Dogs | Flea Prevention, Treatment for Dog

Tick, Flea Control for Dogs
Dogs are a favorite host for fleas and ticks. These parasites suck blood from their hosts and are the root cause for the transmission of a number of diseases. This is why controlling tick infection in dogs is so important.

You should keep your dog out of the woods and other grassy [...]

Onion for Dog | How Onion is Toxic, Bad, Dangerous for Dog Health

Onion Toxicity in Dogs
All dog owners must be aware of the fact that there are many foods which are harmful to dogs and onions are one of them. Feeding a dog onions can be toxic to the animal and it may fall seriously ill. As a responsible pet owner, you must keep your dog away [...]

Aloe Vera for Dogs | Aloe Gel for Dog Skin Rash, Allergies, Wound Healing

Aloe Vera for Dogs
Aloe vera is a natural product with many health properties and is safe for dogs. Aloe vera products are used often to assist healing in dogs. Aloe vera extracts in any form are used for various purposes such as treating skin disorders, infections, and open wounds.

Aloe vera contains amino acids, calcium, folate, [...]

Dog Skin Disorders, Diseases, Infections Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Dog Skin Disorders
Dog skin disorders or diseases are the most crucial conditions that dog owners deal with. A dog’s skin and coat is an absolute indicator for its general health. Skin disorders in dogs are characterized by itching, skin rashes, very dry skin, and fur/hair loss. Skin disease can be caused by various agents such [...]

Mercury Poisoning in Dogs Symptoms | Toxicity, Dangers of Mercury in Dog

Mercury Poisoning in Dogs
Mercury, also often known as quick silver, is an extremely poisonous heavy metal. This silver colored liquid is usually used for medical treatments. However, it is fast becoming a major threat to our environment.
For some time, mercury was used extensively for manufacturing medical equipment and in other industries. In the recent times, [...]

Lead, Metal Poisoning in Dogs Symptoms, Treatments, Therapy Cure

Lead Poisoning in Dogs
Lead poisoning is a common kind of poisoning in both humans and their pets. Just like humans, dogs also experience lead poisoning. Lead poisoning in dogs occurs due to accidental ingestion of lead paint and other lead products. Lead paint is often used during household renovations. At this time, it is important [...]

Household Dangers for Pets | Dog, Cat Safety at Home

Household Dangers for Dogs, Cats
There are many dangers around the household that our pets can encounter. Imagine if your pet drinks from the toilet where you have used self cleaning chemicals! There are unending hazards that the pet could experience. Keeping your pets away from all sorts of household chemicals and other household dangers is [...]

Dog Water Safety | Swimming Pool Safety, Dangers for Dogs

Dog and Water Safety
There are several things to consider when discussing dog water safety. While it is important to consider water safety when your dog is playing in a pool or is swimming in a lake or another source of water, water safety may also include the kind of water that your dog is consuming. [...]