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Dog Nausea Treatment | Natural Remedies for Dog Motion Sickness

Dog Nausea is a common canine problem that every dog owner should know about. Although you might not be able to recognize the symptoms, it is quite common that just like humans your dog might feel nauseated at times. Immediate medical attention can help identify the seriousness of the nausea and pinpoint the most likely [...]

Dog Menstruation Symptoms | Heat Cycle | Symptoms of Female Dog Menstruation

Dog Menstruation Symptoms
The estrous cycle is the time when female dogs are in heat, and have a high possibility of getting pregnant if they have mated. The estrous cycle is the fertile two or three days of the period of heat in the female dog, and the owner must learn to recognize this brief period [...]

Dog Menstruation Cycle | Heat Period | Length of Female Dog Menstruation Cycle

Dog Menstruation Cycle
A female dog, in the cycle of reproduction usually comes into what is known as “heat” every six months and on an average they invariably have two cycles in a year. Animal Shelters and “Pounds” are usually overcrowded with unwanted dogs because there are unfortunately many owners who do not take the trouble [...]

Symptoms of Acid Reflux In Dogs | Causes of Acid Reflux In Dogs and Puppies

Symptoms of Acid Reflux In Dogs
Acid reflux is a condition, also known as heartburn. This condition is characterized by a reverse flow of the gastric acids. The gastric acid flows into the esophagus, into the throat, burning the entire tube along its way. This occurs when the muscular opening at the base of the esophagus [...]