My Cat is Vomiting Yellow Bile, White Foam | What Causes Cat Diarrhea

Cat Vomiting Yellow Bile

There are a number of illnesses that your cats can get affected with and diarrhea and vomiting are some of them that are experienced by cats at some point or the other and may even occur together. The reasons for these could be varied but it is essential that you find what causes cat diarrhea vomiting in the first place. Cat vomiting white foam or yellow bile causes normally include a change in the diet or consuming things such as bones, trash, leaves, sticks and oily table food that they could not digest, a lot of stress and so on. An infection of the stomach caused due to bacteria or virus can be another cause for cat vomiting. If you observe the vomit, it might give you clues because sometimes you can see certain foreign materials in it or even blood which indicates that there is an internal bleeding. Your cat throwing up can also be due to other issues that are not related to the digestive system and could be because of a kidney or liver disease. Cat vomiting bile will occur if there is no food that is present in the stomach that they can throw up and could indicate a serious condition in some cases.

Diarrhea in cats results in a lot of difficulty and strain in passing bowels or there is very little bowel movement that is taking place. Diarrhea may last for about a day or two but if it is showing no signs of reducing then, you need to consult a veterinarian. If vomiting persists for long, it can lead to dehydration because the cat is losing a lot of body fluids and thus, you should make sure that they do not get dehydrated. Initially, you should not allow your cat to drink or eat anything for 12 hours after the particular object that they consumed has been thrown out of the body. If the cat does not vomit, you can give them to drink a couple of sips of water along with an electrolyte solution. If this is digested by the cat, then you can give them certain food to eat after consulting a veterinarian. If your cat is experiencing diarrhea, vomiting or both along with a loss in weight, loss in appetite, blood in vomit, a lot of weakness and so on, you need to take your cat for a medical examination immediately to avoid any further complications.

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