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Cat Fur Care Tips, Treatments, Techniques | Fur Loss Problem in Feline

Cat Fur Care
Cats may be finicky about cleanliness and seem to be constantly grooming themselves, but they do need some amount of cat fur care. Different types of cat breeds differ in the type of fair or hair they possess, so your cat fur care needs may differ slightly, but cat hair care is essential [...]

Understanding Cat Behavior | Feline Behavior Problem Training

Cat Behavior
Cats communicate with one another in many interesting ways, and understanding cat behavior may take a great deal of time, patience and perception, as they are pretty complex creatures. A flick of the tail and a little movement of the ear sends a message. Since their body language is so controlled, humans’ find it [...]

Catnip Effects | Catnip Side-Effects, Reaction on Feline Health

Catnip Effects on Cats
Catnip is something that we’ve all heard of but know very little about. Catnip is actually the name for an herb of the mint family. This herb was not a local one and was imported from Europe where it grew traditionally. Catnip oil isolated through steam distillation has been found to work [...]

Cat Adoption Tips Things to Know | Before Getting a Cat

Adopting a Cat
Many a time’s kittens are considered as the most popular pets to gift to children on account of their mischievous temperaments and manageable size. However before adopting a cat there are various factors that should be taken into consideration because the cat will require a significant investment of time, money and energy depending [...]