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Fin Rot Medication, Antibiotics | Fish Fin Rot Treatment, Medicine

Fin Rot Medication
Aquarium fish diseases can be rather ghoulish and disturbing to owners, and fin rot probably tops the list. Fin rot is one of the most common aquarium fish diseases, but treatment with fin rot antibiotics is known to be quite effective. It is caused due to one of the several gram negative bacteria. [...]

Goldfish Health Problems, Symptoms | Goldfish Health Care Issues

Goldfish Health
If you have a pet fish, you probably know how susceptible they can be to health problems. Goldfish, when kept in an indoor aquarium, become susceptible to several diseases. Fortunately, not only can these diseases be treated, they can be prevented as well. Goldfish health is very delicate and it is important to take [...]

Betta Fish Health Problems | Siamese Fighting Fish Health Care

Betta Fish Health
Betta fish are also referred to as Siamese fighting fish. They are extremely popular throughout the world and are known for their active nature and attractive color. Betta fish diseases treatment and care is quite easy to carry out. Betta fish are ideal for those who love to keep fish, but may not [...]

Sick Fish Treatment, Causes, Prevention | Symptoms of Sick Fish

Sick Fish Treatment:
If you have any pets of your own, you would know that pets do tend to fall sick and have ailments. Most pet owners are unable to recognize the signs of illnesses, and even if they do, they have no clue about what could be wrong with their pet.

It is easy to take [...]

Fungus on Fish Causes, Treatments | Fungal Infection on Fish

Fungus on Fish:
Fish in aquariums are often prone to fungal infections. The fungus, when present on the fish resembles or appears like fine white colored threads, passing through organic material and these may start growing on the fish, appearing like pieces of cotton wool. There are several types of fungi that might occur on fish. [...]