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Zebra Pleco Size, Information | Imperial Pleco Fish Price, Info

Zebra Pleco Size
Also known as the Imperial pleco, the zebra pleco derives its name from the immediately recognizable zebra stripes and also possesses a substantially long snout and eyes that are set noticeably high in the head. The animal’s base color is whitish while the markings are black. One of the more definitive characteristics of [...]

Rainbow Cichlid Care, Info | Profile of Rainbow Cichlid Fish Species

Rainbow Cichlid Care
Most of us who love to have a fish tank in our houses would also want to have some colorful fish in it. The Rainbow cichlid is one such fish that could be kept in your tank at home. However, it would help to get a complete Rainbow cichlid profile before you actually [...]

Shark Catfish Species Health Information | Shark Catfish Characteristics

Shark Catfish Information
The shark catfish belong to the family of fish called Pangasiidae. These shark catfish are generally found in brackish and fresh waters. They are normally located all over southern Asia, starting from Pakistan all the way to Borneo. One of the biggest known freshwater fish is the plant eating Mekong giant catfish Pangasianodon [...]