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Homemade Pet Food | Home Cooked Diet for Dogs, Cats

Homemade Pet Diet Tips:
Pet food depends on breed type, age, personality, genetic weaknesses, the climate, stress levels and the amount of daily exercise that they do. The pet food recalls that occurred recently have seen a rise in the number of pet owners who wish to feed their pets with food from home. However the [...]

Pet Food Storage Tips | Storing Pet Food Safely

How to Store Pet Food:
Storing your pet’s food safely is extremely important as improper storage can ruin the nutritional value of the food at best and at worst it can cause severe gastrointestinal diseases and even be fatal. Improper storage of pet food can create the perfect environment for fungus and mould to thrive. This [...]

Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs, Cats | Chocolate Toxic for Pet health

Chocolate Poisoning in Pets:
Few among us can resist the temptation of chocolates and our pets quite alike. In the context of human consumption research has shown that chocolate does offer some peculiar but definite health benefits, when consumed in moderation. When you consider the health of your pets however it would be wise to consider [...]

Pet Diet Health Care Information | Pet Food Advice

Diet for Pets:
For all of you who are proud owners of a pet, the joy and deep emotional connection that you share with your faithful friend is something that can not be described. They also bring out the protective and parental instincts in us, with almost every owner of a pet wishing to provide his [...]

Pet Vitamins, Supplements | Nutrition, Vitamins for Pet Health Care

Pet Nutrition and Vitamins:
Just like humans, our pets also need vitamins and other supplements. These vitamins are intended to supplement the pet’s diet in order to meet their daily requirements. Pets too require many nutrients to help fight disease, germs and other ailments. Animals that are suffering because of nutritional deficiencies require supplements on a [...]

Healthy Pet Food | Pet Health Diet, Nutrition Products

Pet Health Food:
There was a time when having and keeping a pet was not something everyone could do. However, today more and more people have begun keeping pets because of the affection and companionship they offer. Owing to this rising number of pets and the necessity to have commercial products available for them, the pet [...]