Dog Dry Nose – Treatments, Symptoms, Causes

Dog Dry Nose:

It is popular belief that a dog with a warm or dry nose is sick. Many a times, we tend to self administer drugs to our poor pets, without knowing what has actually happened to them just because their nose is warm and dry. It is not necessary for a healthy dog to have only a moist nose. In fact, a dog may have a wet nose now, and a few moments later, a warm and dry one. This does not mean that the dog is not healthy. In fact, this may happen several times in the course of the day and it is completely normal. The dog’s nose is a very delicate organ, and if there are any changes in its texture, appearance or color, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately. If your dog has had a perpetually dry nose, which has now also become, pigmented and crusty, it is better that you show it to a doctor at once. A dry nose, coupled with other symptoms like lethargy, loss of appetite, diarrhea or vomiting, is usually an indication of illness. However, if the dog’s nose is warm and dry, and has also begun to crust and ooze, it may be an indication of a skin problem. A dry nose, could also indicate any of the following conditions:

  • Allergic reaction: Some dogs are allergic to plastic. If you muzzle them, the constant contact of the plastic muzzle with the nose, makes the nose sensitive and dry. For such dogs glass bowls or steel dishes are recommended, as opposed to plastic ones.
  • Flu: If your pet has a dry nose along with a nasal discharge, and may be coughing, sneezing and having difficulty breathing, this may be a case of the flu. Alternatively, the dog may be suffering from a respiratory tumor or it may be even something as simple as a cold. However, the only person who can diagnose the cause for this is a doctor, and therefore the dog should be taken to a vet immediately.
  • Sun Burn: If your dog is usually out of the house in the peak of summer, when the temperatures are highest, there is a high likelihood that your dog may have suffered a sun burn. A dog with an untreated sun burn is at an elevated risk of developing cancer, either on their nose or other parts of the body.