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    Breeds of Buffalo:

    There are basically three types of buffalo breeds, namely the bison, the water buffalo and the Cape buffalo.

    The bison, which is typically found in the North American continent, has a long, thick coat of dark hair. This breed was originally brought to the continent from Eurasia. The term buffalo and bison are used interchangeably. The water buffalo, also referred to as the Indian buffalo or the Swamp buffalo, is found in Southeast Asia.

    These animals get their name, from the sheer fact that they enjoy wallowing in mud or in swampy areas. These animals provide us with milk, from which a large number of products, such as yogurts and cheese are made. Last but not the least, are the Cape buffalos. These animals are horned, black and huge.

    They are found within the African continent, between the Cape of Good Hope and the Sahara.   

    A male buffalo is referred to as a bull, while the female of the species is called a buffalo cow. Surprisingly, both the male and the female buffalo have horns. The young of a buffalo is known as a calf. A buffalo calf weighs approximately 50 pounds at birth.  On reaching adulthood, a full grown bull weighs about 2000 pounds while a full grown female buffalo averages about 1,000 pounds. Buffaloes, just like cows, are domesticated too. The domesticated forms are rather mild as compared to their wild counterparts. In-fact wild buffaloes are known to be extremely fierce and dangerous.

    While there are three main breeds of buffaloes, there are about 920 different cow breeds found is different corners of the world. Holstein cow, jersey cow, Jersey cow, Ayrshire cow, brown Swiss cow, Guernsey Cow are some of the common cow breeds. Cows belong to the sub-family called 'Bovinae', which in turn belongs to the family 'Bovidae'. Goats, sheep, bison, buffaloes and gazelles, all belong to this family. Cows are reared for a large number of reasons, some of which include; cheese, milk and various other dairy products. Apart from this they are also raised for their meat and their hide. Hence both cows and buffaloes belong to the same family. The offspring of a cow is referred to as a calf, while a fully grown adult male is called a bull and a fully grown adult female is called a cow. Cows have been domesticated for well over 5000 years. In fact, in the ancient times, they were looked upon as a symbol of wealth.

      Submitted on July 13, 2010