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    Pet Buffalo:

    Buffaloes are huge animals that are reared in many parts of the world for their meat and milk.

    Here is some interesting buffalo information. There are mainly three types of buffaloes or buffalo breeds, found in various parts of the globe. The first is the American bison. As the name suggests this animal is found in the North American continent. It has a thick coat of dense black hair.

    In fact, it is considered to be on of the largest land mammals within the continent. These majestic animals are extremely hardy. They are known to endure storms and blizzards and extreme climatic condition. These animals are tremendously strong, playful, dignified, territorial, intelligent and curious. Although these animals are generally docile, they can at times, prove to be quite unpredictable.

    Bison’s possess great stamina, and the animal can run at lightening speed, for several miles.

    Next are the Indian buffaloes, also otherwise referred to as the Swamp buffalo or the water buffalo. This particular breed is found in South East Asia. The water buffalo is the largest of all buffaloes. These do not have a thick dense coat unlike their American friends, but rather the hair is scanty and short. Here are a few water buffalo facts. This animal is domesticated for transportation, hide, horns, milk and meat. Water buffaloes reside near rivers and swampy areas and they spend a large amount of time in the water. They are called water buffaloes as they spend a lot of their time in the water. Wild or undomesticated, water buffaloes are fierce and temperamental.   

    Last but not the least, are the Cape buffaloes. These are found in Africa. They usually reside next to a water body and feed on dry grass and other foliage. If in case one is looking at keeping a pet buffalo, then here is some information that may be helpful. These animals are mainly herbivores. This means that they feed on grass and leaves. Remember, buffaloes are huge animals and hence they require a substantial amount of space. Even though the domesticated one’s are known to be docile, it is best to stay on one’s guard, as these animals can be unpredictable at times. Additionally, one will need to make provisions for a barn, to house the pet. The barn will need to be cleaned regularly, at least every two days. Furthermore it will also need to be lined with fresh hay or grass regularly.

      Submitted on July 13, 2010