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Symptoms of Pregnant Dog | Signs of Dog Pregnancy | Dog Pregnancy Period

Symptoms of Pregnant Dog:
The breeding season for a pet owner who hasn’t got the dog spayed can be extremely difficult to handle. Dog owners who breed their dogs have to be careful to prevent pregnancy and detect it. Unlike humans, pregnancies in dogs are not that easy to detect. In fact, in a lot of [...]

Skin Supplements for Dogs | Nutritional Supplements for Dog Skin

Skin Supplements for Dogs:
Pets require nutrition in order to maintain a healthy and shiny coat. Depending on the breed, and the coat type and length of the dog, arise different nutritional needs for different kinds of dogs. Dogs that have longer coats may need more supplements than those who have a wiry coat which is [...]

Sick Dog Winter Diseases | Dog Winter Care Tips

Sick Dog Winter Hazards:
With a change of season, both humans and their pets become susceptible to many illnesses and disorders. Therefore, to ensure a healthy run through a season, especially during winter, humans should take special precautions for both themselves and their dogs. There are some common dangers that pet owners should look out for. [...]

Female Dog Heat Cycle Stages – Proestrus, Oestrus, Diestrus, Anestrus

Female Dog Heat Cycle
Every female animal goes through a period of sexual receptivity which is part of its reproductive cycle. It is extremely important for pet owners to understand the signs of heat in female dog. The onset, also known as estrus, may begin as soon as the dog steps into adolescence. This period varies [...]

Dog Throwing Up Bile Causes, Treatments| Dog Vomiting Bile

Dog Throwing Up Bile:
Every now and then you may find your dog vomiting a yellow colored substance. Sometimes, you may simply find yellow colored vomit, without knowing that it is your dog’s doing.

Throwing up bile is nothing out of the ordinary in dogs. Although this is a common ailment, it is not serious enough to [...]

How to Bathe a Dog | Give Puppy a Bath | Tips for Dog Bathing

Dog Bathing Tips:
If someone tells you that bathing your dog frequently is not good for the dog’s health, remember that this is a myth. Unlike cats, dogs love water and are natural swimmers. If you bathe them from a young age, they will grow to enjoy their baths.

Bathing a dog depends a lot on the [...]

Common Dog Vaccinations | Vaccinating Dogs | Vaccination for Puppies

Common Dog Vaccines:
There are many dangerous infections that could affect our dogs. Right from the time they are puppies, dogs are susceptible to many health risks. Vaccinations, however, are what help the dog fight these infections and survive. There are different kinds of vaccinations for puppies and older dogs. These vaccinations are based on their [...]

Skin Conditions in Dogs | Disorders, Allergies, Infections in Dogs

Skin Infections in Dogs:
It is not unusual for dogs to suffer from minor skin rashes and allergies. Disorders like itchy and bumpy skin, canine acne, dandruff and lesions are among the most common dermatological problems that dogs are susceptible to. The most common cause of skin infection in canines is the staphylococci bacteria, which mostly [...]

Keep Dog Safe during Holiday Season | Care for Dog in Holiday

How to Keep Dog Safe during Holidays:
While it is natural that you should want to enjoy the holiday season to the utmost, it is also necessary that you take a few basic precautionary measures to ensure that your celebrations do not harm your pet in any way. Avoid using decorative plants such as mistletoe, rhododendron, [...]

Vaccinate Dogs | Vaccination for Dogs | Core, Non-Core Vaccine for Dogs

Vaccinating your Dog:

It is important that you immunize your pet dog through vaccination against several common preventable ailments to ensure the well being of the creature. Vaccination plays as crucial a role in boosting a young puppy’s immunity as it does in the case of a human baby. The antibodies that vaccines produce in a [...]