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Can Dog See Color | Canine Dog Colorblindness Causes

Dog Color Blindness
Dog owners often raise questions about whether dogs are colorblind or whether they can only see shades of gray. Well, it may be surprising for many to learn that a dog is actually colorblind. In other words, dogs do not have the ability to see colors. However, this inability to see colors is [...]

How to Prepare Dog Food | Preparing Recipes, Treats for Dogs

Prepare Food for Dogs
We lead extremely busy lifestyles today, and the thought of preparing homemade dog food for our pets seems like a difficult and unachievable task. However preparing homemade dog food preparation is not a very difficult task and we can ensure that our dogs get good nutrition by following some simple dog food [...]

Best Dog Breed | Selecting Right Breed of Dog for You

Best Canine Breed
There are a lot of things to consider when selecting dog breed. You have to first make sure that you are ready to be a dog owner in every aspect of your life. Analyze the time and money you will be able to invest. Dogs can be very expensive; you have to set [...]

Pets and Kids | Pet Influence on Children | Pet Effects on Kids

Pets and Children
What is the effect that pets have on kids? Although this may seem like a strange question, it isn’t something that most pet owners with children have given a thought to. If we really think about it, pet influence on kids can be great. Very often pets are brought into the family so [...]

Poisonous Dog Foods | Toxic, Dangerous Foods to Avoid Dogs

Foods to Avoid Dogs
A dog is by nature a very curious and inquisitive animal that will eat practically anything that smells or seems interesting. This habit at most times results in their getting poisoned as most humans out of sheer ignorance end up feeding their dogs “human” foods which are toxic and unsuitable to dogs. [...]

Vaccination Schedule for Puppies | Shots for Puppy Dogs

Puppy Vaccine Schedule
When puppies are born, they do not have an immune system that is fully capable to fight off diseases which in turn makes them susceptible to infections. Antibodies that do help the puppies initially come directly from their mothers milk i.e. colostrum. Thereafter puppies have to be vaccinated mostly against certain commonly known [...]

Dog Eats too Fast | Control, Slow Down Speed of Dog Eating

Control Speed of Dog Eating
It can be very dangerous when your dog eats too fast as it can end up choking. It is very important for you to train your dog and control the speed at which he eats. When the dog gulps its food it also ends up gulping a lot of air. This [...]

Positive Dog Training | Negative Techniques to Train Your Dog

Nurturing a pet dog involves patience and consistency in your actions in relation to your dog’s behavior. This will help your dog understand right from wrong easily. You can train your dog using two methods. These are positive dog training and negative dog training. Positive dog training involves rewarding your dog when a desired action [...]

Dog Not Eating Food Causes | Feeding Guidelines for Dogs

Old Dogs Not Eating
It can be very distressing when your dog stops eating. There are a lot of reasons why a dog stops eating. If your dog is sick, one of the signs is decreased appetite. Prompt veterinary attention is important because at times this could be a symptom of a serious illness. If the [...]

Puppy Training with Patience and Persistence | Train Puppies

How to Train Puppy
There are a few things to keep in mind when training a dog. First and foremost, the training should build a strong relationship between the owner and the dog which is based on mutual respect and trust. Being harsh with your dog and scolding him repeatedly during training will only cause the [...]