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Dog Sickness Remedies | Sick Dog Natural Treatment, Remedy, Prevention

Dog Sickness Remedies
Just as we do, our pets can also fall sick. Luckily, there are many home remedies for sick dogs that can help them get healthy in no time. While it is important to consult a vet regarding the sickness of a dog, you can try some simple dog sickness remedies for non-threatening and [...]

Dog Castration Aftercare | Recovery Post Castration In Dogs

Dog Castration Aftercare
Dog castration is performed primarily to prevent the dog from reproducing. Though this is a surgical procedure, it is a relatively simple one. The recovery after such a surgical procedure is also very quick and complete but the dog owner may have to take a lot of measures in order to make sure [...]

Dog Castration Complications, Problems | Castrating Dog Pros And Cons

Dog Castration Complications
The process of castration applies to male dogs. It is a process where the male reproductive system is removed. In dogs this typically applies to the testicles. The process of castration in dogs is done to terminate the reproductive capability of the dog. There are many behavioral aspects associated with the sex hormones [...]

Prednisone For Dogs Side Effects | Prednisone Dosage For Dog

Prednisone For Dogs Side Effects
Dogs have come to be as much a part of the family as any of our human counterparts and just as we experience illnesses and require medications from time to time dogs, inevitably fall ill and require treatment too. Very often medications that are administered to dogs, although effective against the [...]

Safe Rabbit Foods List | Recipes, Meals Safe For Rabbits

Safe Rabbit Foods
If you think that food pellets are made especially for your pet because they enjoy them, think again. While pellets usually make for safe rabbit foods you never know what is really in them. Pellets are not formulated because our pets like them, but because they are convenient for us when we decide [...]

My Cat Kneads A Lot | Cat Kneading Too Much Continuously

My Cat Kneads A Lot
Cats are one of the most popular domestic pets all over the world and although they have a reputation of being fairly independent minded and unconcerned about their owners apart from getting their feed, cats can actually grow very attached to the humans they live with and may at times demand [...]

Mini Rex Rabbit Food | Diet, Treats for Mini Rex Rabbit

Mini Rex Rabbit Food
As far as domestic pets go, rabbits are definitely one of the most adorable creatures to have in your household. Their innocent and cuddly exteriors can make anyone’s heart melt but you need to keep in mind that they can be just as destructive as innocent little children can be. Rabbits are [...]

Dutch Rabbit Care, Health Tips | Caring for Dutch Rabbit

Care for Dutch Rabbit
Rabbits are one of the more adorable animals that make very good domestic pets. However, just because the animals look very innocent, the amount of care that needs to be provided is considerable. Unlike most cats and dogs that can be more or less set free while being unsupervised, almost all rabbits [...]

Dog Water Intake | Normal, Average Dog Water Consumption

Dog Water Intake
Water is essential for all known life forms and a dog’s water intake as an important aspect of its care. Some dogs tend to drink a lot more water than other dogs.  This can then result in the dog urinating fairly frequently. However with these dogs, one should monitor their dog’s water intake [...]

Californian Rabbit Facts | Info, Statistics Of Californian Rabbit Breed

Californian Rabbit Facts
Rabbits are a very popular domestic pet and are definitely one of the most adorable. While being more used to open lands and living on their own, they are also very docile creatures when housed in domestic environments. But a rabbit owner should not be taken by its innocent looks as the animal [...]