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Bird Species Identification | Tips on How to Identify Bird Species

Bird Species Identification
Bird species identification is one of the most pleasurable sports for nature lovers and bird lovers alike. Since specific birds are found only in specific places, bird watching and identification can be a very interesting exercise. Birds have some characteristic identification marks as well as calling sounds. For identifying bird species, ornithologists not [...]

Freckled Duck Bird Species Information, Diet, Characteristics

Freckled Duck Bird
The Freckled Duck is a broad-bodied, moderately large duck, which is also referred to as Speckled Duck, Oatmeal Duck, Canvasback or the Diamantina Duck. It has a dark grayish-brown back, with fine speckles in white, off-white, buff or pale brown. Its most identifiable feature is its large head, with a peaked crown, unlike [...]

Brown Quail Bird Species Information, Diet, Characteristics

Brown Quail Bird
The Brown Quail also goes by different names such silver quail, swamp quail or partridge quail in the different regions where it is found. It is a plump ground-dwelling bird with short rounded wings. Quails rarely fly. They prefer to hide in the undergrowth, and when flushed out by an intruder, they fly [...]

Spangled Drongo Bird Species Information, Diet, Characteristics

Spangled Drongo Bird
The Spangled Drongo is characterized by glossy black plumage which has a metallic sheen, coupled with iridescent blue, purple and green highlights. These spots or spangles give it the name ‘spangled’. The tail is remarkably long with a distinctive fork, and it has bright blood-red eyes. Occasionally white spots are found on the [...]

Sacred Kingfisher Bird Species Information, Diet

Sacred Kingfisher Bird
A medium-sized bird, the Sacred Kingfisher is about 22 to 23 cm long. The head, shoulders, rump and tail are a dusky turquoise, with brilliant turquoise wings. It has a broad white collar, while the areas like the throat and chin are buff-colored darkening to light ochre. A broad black stripe runs from [...]

Satin Bowerbird Bird Species Information, Health, Diet and Nutrition

Satin Bowerbird Bird:
The satin bowerbird is a species of small bird that has gained fame among scientists because it has one of the most elaborate mating rituals in the animal kingdom. It is also highly noted because of the stark difference between genders with the males being some of the most brightly colored of the [...]

Brahminy Kite Bird Species Information, Health, Diet and Nutrition

Brahminy Kite Bird:
The Brahminy Kite is a bird of prey native to South East Asia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Australia. It is known as the Red-backed Sea-eagle. The Brahminy Kite belongs to the family Accipitridae and is usually about medium-sized in appearance.

The coloring of the Brahminy Kite tends to be rather distinctive [...]

Southern Cassowary Bird Species Information, Health, Diet and Nutrition

Southern Cassowary Species of Bird:
Native to Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea, the Southern Cassowary is a flightless black bird. The binomial name of the bird is Casuarius casuarius and it is also called the Two-wattled Cassowary, the Double-wattled Cassowary, or the Australian Cassowary or.  The Southern Cassowary and is a close relation of the Emu, [...]

Little Egret Bird Species Information, Health, Diet and Nutrition

Little Egret Species of Bird:
The little egret is a species of wading bird that is one of the few birds that owes its massive success and survival as a species to its migratory pattern. In evolutionary terms, this bird is extremely old and is quite widespread across all continents. Its success lies in the fact [...]

Glossy Ibis Bird Species Information, Health, Diet and Nutrition

Glossy Ibis Bird:
The ibis is a species of birds that are classified as wading birds. These are birds that are native to most continents. The theory is that this is one of the old world birds that have existed during a time when the continents of Africa and South America were connected. This is was [...]