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Dog Bone Recipes | Healthy Dog Treats | Peanut Butter Dog Bone Recipes

When you have a dog at home, you know how much your dog enjoys the occasional treat. Dog bone recipes can be used to make some wonderful dog treats for your special pet. These crunchy treats are just right when you want to give encouragement to your dog or show your appreciation. There are many [...]

Dog Water Intake | Normal, Average Dog Water Consumption

Dog Water Intake
Water is essential for all known life forms and a dog’s water intake as an important aspect of its care. Some dogs tend to drink a lot more water than other dogs.  This can then result in the dog urinating fairly frequently. However with these dogs, one should monitor their dog’s water intake [...]

Homemade Low Protein Dog Food Recipes Treat | How To Make Low Protein Dog Food

Homemade Low Protein Dog Food Recipes
Though the vet may have asked you to keep the dog on a low protein diet, it is not advisable to eliminate proteins from the diet completely. Since dogs require protein for healthy growth, it is important that there be some amount of proteins in their diet. To prepare a [...]

Dog Food for Acid Reflux | Diet for Canine Acid Reflux

Dog Food for Acid Reflux
Acid reflux is quite a common condition in dogs that is caused when the lower esophagus sphincter becomes weak and does not function in the proper manner. Due to a weakened muscle, the acids that are supposed to be confined to the stomach, spill over, into the esophagus. This can cause [...]

Low Protein Dog Food Recipes | Low Protein Canine Diet Recipes

Low Protein Dog Food Recipes
Low protein food for dog refers to foods that are designed for canines, with a protein content that is much lower than that what is usually found in regular pet foods. There are several pet owners, who opt to switch over to the use of low protein dog food for their [...]

Garlic for Dogs Fleas | Is Garlic Safe, Good, Bad for Dogs

Garlic for Dogs
Garlic is known to be an excellent home remedy for humans since it treats several different disorders. Garlic extracts, which act as powerful antioxidants in our bodies, are also extremely beneficial for dogs. In fact garlic for dogs is considered to be an excellent remedy against ticks and other parasites.

Is Garlic Safe For [...]

Dog Food Protein Requirement, Level | Dog Protein Needs

Dog Food Protein
Dog food protein is an important factor that dog owners should take into consideration while formulating your pet’s diet. Different types of dog food may contain different kinds and levels of protein. It is important to take a few factors into consideration before deciding on introducing a protein rich diet for your pet. [...]

Vitamin C for Dogs Benefits | Best Liquid Sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C for Dogs
Vitamin C is one of the most debatable nutrients for dogs. It has long been debated that vitamin C may not be as important for dogs as it is for humans. Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient which is stored only in small quantities in the body and therefore, is required [...]

Dog Multi Vitamin Powder, Mineral | Dog Multi-Vitamin Supplements

Dog multi vitamins are available commercially but it is best to give them to one’s pet under the guidance of a veterinarian. This is because the kind of vitamins required and quantity will depend upon its age, breed and general health condition. Dogs that are advanced in age may not consume as much food as [...]

Kinds of Dog Food | Different Varieties of Dog Foods Homemade, Natural

Kinds of Dog Food
The kind of food you feed your pet is going to play a very important role in the quality of life the animal leads. Apart from the fact that the kind of nutrition generates the energy the animal is going to require over the course of the day, it also plays a [...]