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Canine Training Information, Collars | Canine Training Tips, Info

Canine Training Information
While starting to train your canine it is advisable to not begin his training in a canine park as they tend to be rather dangerous for the canine and especially puppies on account of the unpredictable nature of certain breeds of canines which may result in your canine getting hurt or injured. Secondly [...]

Negative Reinforcement Dog Training | Negative Ways to Train Dogs

Negative Reinforcement Dog Training
The debate over negative reinforcement dog training versus positive reinforcement dog training is one that has been raging forever and shows no signs of abating. The conflicting views and heated arguments that take root from the varying beliefs of dog owners the world over can be quite confusing and distracting to a [...]

How to Stop Dog from Jumping | Train Dog Not to Jump

Stop Dog from Jumping
It is essential to train one’s dog from the time they are puppies itself on how to sit, stand, fetch and lie down. But more importantly one should train the dog not how to be toilet trained and also how not to jump up on people. This is especially important in the [...]

Good Dog Training | Best Secrets, Tips, Techniques to Train Dogs

Good Dog Training
Dogs are a great animal to have as a domestic pet. Raising and taking dog care can, however, be a challenging job. It is essential right from an early age that your dog gets behavior training from you. This will establish the dog’s behavior patterns for its whole life and is the difference [...]

Why Dogs Bark | Barking Training for Dog | Train Canine Not to Bark

Dog Bark Training
Barking is part of dog’s natural tendencies and is to a canine what talking is to humans. The fact that we cannot understand the message that is being conveyed is what causes barking to appear as noise to the normal human ear. However, between dogs, barking is a very important mode of communication [...]

Online Dog Training Tips, Benefits, Techniques, Basics, Information

Online Dog Training
It is very essential for owners to train their dogs. Basic dog training covers standing, sitting, potty training, not jumping up on furniture or people etc. There are various ways and methods a trainer or owner can employ while training their dog. A method that is gaining popularity these days is online dog [...]

Positive Dog Training | Negative Techniques to Train Your Dog

Nurturing a pet dog involves patience and consistency in your actions in relation to your dog’s behavior. This will help your dog understand right from wrong easily. You can train your dog using two methods. These are positive dog training and negative dog training. Positive dog training involves rewarding your dog when a desired action [...]

Search and Rescue Puppy Training Tips, Techniques

Search and Rescue Puppy Training
Dogs are one of the most common household pets and are highly regarded for their loyalty, affection and strong bonds that they develop with their owners. While a number of people will house dogs primarily for their company and – to a certain extent – their security, dogs also play a [...]

Potty Training Tips for Older, Adult and Senior Dogs

Potty Train Old Dog
Dogs are one of the most affectionate and loyal household pets and are usually regarded to be no less members of the family than their human counterparts. As a result, dog training has become increasingly popular and necessary in order to curb the pet’s natural instincts and be able to domesticate it [...]

Dog Training Issues, Problems | Canine Behavior, Crate Training Problems

Problems in Dog Training
Dogs have been domesticated for centuries and have now become a very regular feature of society’s fabric. They are probably the most common household pet through the world and are renowned for their affectionate nature as well as their intensely protective nature towards their owners or handlers. While each dog has its [...]