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Household Dangers for Pets | Dog, Cat Safety at Home

Household Dangers for Dogs, Cats
There are many dangers around the household that our pets can encounter. Imagine if your pet drinks from the toilet where you have used self cleaning chemicals! There are unending hazards that the pet could experience. Keeping your pets away from all sorts of household chemicals and other household dangers is [...]

How to Choose Vet | Selecting, Choosing Veterinarian for Pets

Selecting Vet
When we choose a doctor that we are going to depend on to take care of our medical complications, we usually put a lot of thought into it. The same goes with identifying the best possible doctor to take care of our near and dear ones. As a result, it is equally important to [...]

Travelling with Pets | Dog Travel Safety Tips | How to Travel with Pets

Pet Travelling Tips
Pet travel safety is extremely essential. This is mainly because one’s pets are unable to take care of themselves so it is the owner’s responsibility to do so. For dog travel safety the main step is to ensure that the heat is kept off. This is important even if the weather is cool [...]

Remove Pet Hair | Removal of Pet Hair | Removing Pet Hair

How to Remove Pet Hair:
While nothing beats the joy and exhilaration of playing with a furry four-legged friend, it is annoying to find your beloved pet’s hair in every corner of your house. The hair finds its way deep into carpets, furniture, clothes and even into the car upholstery. Even the most avid pet lovers [...]

Pet Holiday Safety Tips | How to Keep Pet Safe During Holiday

Keeping Pet Safe during Holiday:
Safety of your pets is a concern during holidays. With a little common sense and careful planning, your pet’s holidays can be safe and enjoyable. During the holiday season, particularly at Christmas and Thanksgiving, we do tend to take precautions to keep our homes safe, whether in the context of decorations [...]

Pet Holiday Diet Menu, Treats | Pet Holiday Grooming, Safety Tips

Pet Holiday Care:
The holiday season is the one time of the year when diets and healthy eating are often forgotten. While most people tend to bounce back easily within a few weeks, it is not advisable to subject your pets to the same intense dietary changes as this can have serious repercussions. It is also [...]

Winter Pet Health Concerns | Winter Pet Care Tips, Advice

Winter Care for Pets:
Winters are not just hard on us, but on our pets too. Very often we tend to take for granted that our pets are animals that can fend for themselves, and we forget that they are just as accustomed to the warmth and shelter indoors as we are. Although most of our [...]

Pet Dental Care | Pet Teeth Cleaning | How to Clean Pet’s Teeth

Pet Oral Care:
It can definitely be said that with the correct dental care for pets life can be extended by an additional four to five years. However having said that, the importance of getting your pets the appropriate dental care is not well recognized. Statistics have shown that around eighty percent of dogs and approximately [...]

Pet Day Care Tips | Pet Training, Grooming | How to Care for Pet

Daily Pet Care:
Pet day care centers and businesses have gained immense popularity with more and more people owning pets. Pet popularity is soaring be it Labrador retrievers, boxers, or parakeets. Owning a pet day care center can be a fun and a highly remunerative business that involves looking after other people’s pets while they are [...]

Pet Accessories | Pet Grooming Fashion Accessory

Pet Accessory:
If you ever wished you could dress your pet in the latest trendy accessories, there are plenty of options available now. There are certain species and breeds that exude elegance. Take French Poodles for instance. When it comes to dogs, French Poodles are considered most elegant. However, if you have the right accessories to [...]