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Pet Health Problems, Symptoms | Pet Health Care Treatment

Pet Health Issues:
A healthy pet can be a wonderful companion but will require careful and patient care to keep him/her in optimum health. Each species and breed is susceptible to certain kinds of health issues and the owner needs to look out for early signs of these conditions so that treatment can begin as soon [...]

Pet Respiratory Infection Treatments, Causes | Pet Respiratory Problems Prevention

Respiratory Infection in Pets:
A respiratory infection is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs and affects pets in the same way it affects humans in the forms of a cold, flu, chest infection or sinus infection. Respiratory infections are contagious and spread through direct contact with the infected pet.

The symptoms of respiratory infection in [...]

Pesticide, Fertilizer Poisoning in Pet Dog | Lawn Chemicals Harmful for Pet

Lawn Chemical Poisoning in Pet Dogs
Many chemicals have harmful effects on your pets. The story is entirely different when the chemicals are stored safely in your home as they are out of reach of your pets. However, the lawn is a matter of concern as the pets run, play, eat grass, roll about, and groom [...]

Pet Obesity Prevention | Obese Pet Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Pet Obesity Control:
It’s not only you but even your pet that needs a balanced diet and exercise to stay fit and healthy. Overweight or downright obese pets are on the increase. Any weight loss program for your pet needs long term commitment as it is a gradual process. There is a need to inculcate new [...]

Pet Poisoning Symptoms | Pet Poison Causes, Treatments

Pet Poison:
Many substances like fabric softener sheets, detergents, batteries, moth balls, and coffee grounds in your home may be fatal to your pets. Poisons may not be necessarily eaten by the animal but can also be absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Some of the potential toxins may not be palpable, but think again before [...]

Pet Sickness Treatment | Sick Pet Symptoms, Care

Sick Pet Care:
For most of us, our pets are practically family, and in some cases are closer and more important to us than even family could ever be. Therefore, when illness strikes, it can be an extremely traumatic experience. Just like us, our pets are bound to suffer from periodic sickness, and in most cases, [...]

Pet Health Treatments, Care | Pet Health Problems, Issues

Pet Health Tips:
Pet health treatments are generally determined by your vet after a through examination and diagnosis. There are various pet treatments and the most common among them are pet flea treatment, pet allergies treatment, and pet arthritis treatment. In addition to these, pet gastrointestinal disorders treatment and pet urinary tract infection treatment are also [...]

Pyometra Infection in Pets - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Pyometra Infection in Pets:
Pyometra is a uterine infection that can be quite severe and potentially fatal. It is quite common in a number of pet species, particularly in cats and dogs. The problem with a pyometra infection is that it is not very easy to treat, but prevention is quite simple.

This infection can occur as [...]

Pet Health Issues, Problems | Pet Health Conditions

Pet Health Problems:
Caring for a pet can be one of the most rewarding and exuberating experiences you will have. Pets do however require special care, as just like humans they are susceptible to a variety of ailments, but unlike us they can’t really point these out. There are many health conditions that are common and [...]

Pet Diarrhea Causes, Treatments, Symptoms, Prevention

Diarrhea in Pets:
Pet health issues are great in number and one of them is pet diarrhea. It accounts for the majority of pet owners’ visits to veterinarians. Just like human beings, animals are also prone to it. It is a condition characterized by frequent watery stools. This could be a result of the sensitive digestive [...]