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Dog Water Safety | Swimming Pool Safety, Dangers for Dogs

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Dog and Water Safety

There are several things to consider when discussing dog water safety. While it is important to consider water safety when your dog is playing in a pool or is swimming in a lake or another source of water, water safety may also include the kind of water that your dog is consuming. Most dogs spend most of their time outdoors and if they have been very active, or if it is especially hot outside, the dog might need more water than it normally requires. If you are around and notice your pet’s needs, you can immediately offer the dog water or replenish the water in the dog’s bowl. However, if the dog’s water bowl is running empty and you are not around to give it water, it may end up drinking from a questionable source. This exposes your dog to a variety of parasites and microbes that poison the water and make it unfit for drinking.

Stagnant bodies of water are home to many species of bacteria and fungi. Ponds, bogs, and other small sources of water will usually be your pet’s first stop if it requires water and cannot find it in its bowl. Consuming contaminated water can cause dog vomiting, diarrhea, and flatulence. If the dog consumes water contaminated with blue-green algae, the dog can even die.

For maximum water safety, make sure when your dog is participating in an activity or is outside, it has plenty of clean water to drink. Keep checking the dog’s bowl to see if the water is running low.
Another great danger that pets have from water sources is that of drowning. Dogs are usually good swimmers, unlike cats who hate water. However, depending upon the age and the physical condition of the dog, swimming to large distances may not always be a good idea. Swimming is an excellent exercise for your dog. However, proper dog health care and precautions should be taken to make sure that your dog is safe while in the water. One of the best dog swimming tips is to make sure that the dog is supervised closely while it is swimming. Also make sure that the water in which the dog is swimming is clean. Algae infested waters are as dangerous to your pet as they would be to your child. Therefore, always make sure that you check the water source for cleanliness before you let your dog in.

Dog pool safety is an issue that many dog owners take seriously. While in a pool your dog is safe from sudden currents, keeping the dog in the pool for a long duration of time is not advisable. The dog may have a cramp and may drown before you have the chance to help it. If you are taking your dog swimming with you, always make the dog wear a life jacket approved for canines as a safety measure.