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Four Causes of Joint Problems and Arthritis in Pets

 Submitted by Michael Adams on November 27, 2009

You’ll be surprised to know how similar to us our pets are. Humans and their four legged companions have few differences amongst them. As we age, our health starts to fail us and we need more care than we used to when we were young.

The same is the case with our pets. Sometimes, our health problems have nothing to do with our age, but more to do with our lifestyle habits. Our pets too experience a similar fate.

A lot of times, we do not give enough attention to our pets because of which they develop problems related to their health. Like us, our pets too have delicate joints which need regular caring for. The joint problems that humans experience can be seen in their pets too. Such joint problems are caused due to a variety of reasons. There are four main reasons why your pet may develop problems in their joints. • Excessive body weight, • Lack of exercise, • Degenerative joint diseases like arthritis and, • Physical trauma to the joints. Our pets are instinctively wild. No matter how long their species may have been domesticated, they need to be fit to survive. Some pets have more of a tendency towards gaining weight than others. However, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your pet in the right kind of way. Excessive body weight in pets can increase their risk of developing other diseases. Increased weight can cause the pets to develop various cardio vascular problems like blood pressure, stroke or heart failure. Excessive weight can also increase their risk of developing diabetes. The most immediate effect of increased weight in a pet, however, is pain in the joints because of the extra pressure exerted on them. A pet that does not get proper exercise is more prone to excessive weight gain. Your pet needs daily exercise to keep it fit. Some owners, who do not get enough physical exercise themselves, may neglect the exercise needs of their pets. In such a case, their pets may suffer from severe joint and limb problems. With age, our pets may also be susceptible to degenerative diseases like arthritis. Arthritis in your pet is much similar to arthritis in humans. They experience pain and stiffness in their joints as a result of which, their movements are restricted to quite an extent. A physical trauma to the joints of your pet may also have devastating effects to the health of the joint. To maintain your pet’s health, it’s imperative that your pet be given a good diet, along with ample exercise. If you take good care of your pet, you will only be ensuring that they stay with you for a longer period of time.
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