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Top 10 Winter Dangers for Pets

 Submitted by Michael Adams on December 3, 2009

Winter Care for Pet:

The winter season can be a dangerous time for your pets and they need special care and attention during this time. Firstly, ensure that if your pet sleeps outside the house, that he/she has a warm spot to sleep in. Pets can succumb to very cold weather and risk catching a chill. Ensure that your dog’s kennel does not bear the onslaught of the wind and faces against it.

If your dog’s kennel is just small enough to give him/her space to get up, turn and lie down, then it is likely to be warm in the winter. Secondly, ensure that your pet is drinking adequate fluids and is eating a nourishing meal as the cold could lead to dehydration. Give your dog or cat a warm drinking bowl with water as frequently as possible.

Thirdly, your pet could be suffering from dry skin on account of the dry air during winter. One effective way to solve this problem is to brush frequently, try an oatmeal shampoo or provide your pet with fatty acid supplements. Fourth, ensure that your parked car does not have any cats or other animals that are sleeping under it. The engine’s warmth attracts many animals and you should be careful to avoid a fateful accident.

Fifth, certain kinds of anti freeze chemicals used on pavements and in cars can lead to fatal consequences for your pet. Pets can be poisoned to death by such chemicals and you should keep them safe by practicing washing of paws after a trip outdoors. Sixth, your pet could injure his/her tongue by getting it stuck on a metal bucket or bowl in extremely cold weather. To avoid this, in the winter, switch to a plastic or ceramic bowl to minimize the threat to your pet. Seventh, pets face a serious danger from frostbite and so you should ensure that they don’t retain any snow on their fur after returning from a trip outside.

Eighth, ensure that your pets stay indoors if their coats are not too thick or if they are not used to temperatures that are too cold. A pet can experience hypothermia if exposed to very cold weather and if left unprotected. Ninth, get yourself a mobile space heater that has an automatic shut off function if tipped over. Pets can start a fire at home if left unattended with a mobile space heater. Lastly, dogs tend to go in search of warm places in the winter and are thus in danger of getting lost and you should thus keep a close watch on them.
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