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Caring For Sick Cat

 Submitted by Michael Adams on February 25, 2010

Most pets do not fall ill very frequently, but when they do it is important to give them special care and attention. A comfortable place to sleep in, healthy food and good company go a long way in caring for a sick cat too.  

An important aspect of sick cat care is to follow the instructions of your veterinarian properly.

Listen closely to what your vet is telling you and if needed, also ask for the instructions in writing. You may even ask your vet to demonstrate the method of restraining the cat or administering medication to her. It is also advisable to be prepared for emergencies.

You should know who you have to call in case of an emergency. If there are any pet emergency rooms where you live, take down their numbers and keep them handy.  The cat needs a safe comfortable place where she can recover. Allow the cat to remain in a corner that is away from any kind of activity.

Make a sick bed for her using some washable blankets. Also keep a litter box nearby. Cats can be fed regular food when they are sick. Foods that are tasty and nutritious are preferable. Also incorporate protein rich foods and those that contain minerals and vitamins. This will help in strengthening the immunity of the cat and will quicken the recovery period. If the cat is too weak to eat by herself, you will need to feed her soft foods. In case she needs to be on a liquid diet, place a plastic bottle gently inside the mouth. Whet the cat’s appetite by warming up foods that she likes so that aroma from them reaches her. The appetite may also be stimulated by grooming or stroking her.

The body temperature of the cat must be taken twice daily. Body temperature will be lower in the morning and will go up towards the evening. A rectal thermometer may be used to check temperature. Place the cat on your lap, coat the end of the thermometer with petroleum jelly and then insert it gently into the rectum up to about an inch. Remove it after 3 to 5 minutes, clean it with some cotton and then read the temperature. The normal body temperature of a cat ranges from 101 – 102 degrees. Also check the pulse of the cat. The normal pulse rate ranges from 110 - 130 beats a minute. If you face any doubts or concerns on how to care for a sick cat, you can always discuss it further with your veterinarian.
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