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Keeping Dog Healthy

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 19, 2010

A primary concern of dog owners is the health of their pet. Dogs, like all other mammals, are complicated living beings that have many organs and body features that could potentially become ill or diseased. Dog health problems are common among pet owners and you can maintain your dog’s optimal health by following some basic steps.

The first step in preventing dog health issues is taking care of the basic requirements. Food is the primary requirement of any animal and feeding your dog well is a step in the direction of good health. You dog’s diet should be balanced with proteins, carbohydrates and fiber so that your dog can grow fully and develop its strength through nutrition.

Dog diets are different from human ones and one must feed your dog according to the recommendations you receive from your pet health specialist. You can also avail of specialized dog feeds which may benefit your dog. These are usually recommended as supplements to nutrition that is otherwise being given.

A healthy dog is one that is well exercised and physically fit. It is not advisable for owners to let their dogs be lazy. When a dog exercises properly, it helps to develop strength in the form of muscles. It also aids the proper development of the heart and of the breathing system as these run far more efficiently in a physically fit animal. Make sure you walk or jog your dog everyday and indulge in physically strenuous activities from time to time.

You should follow some basic dog health care tips. Make sure that your dog is cleaned at least twice a week. Washing your dog can be a playful experience so you can use this opportunity as a bonding exercise with your animal. Dogs that have a particularly hairy skin surface should be groomed well. Breeds such as the Golden Retriever have thick hair on their body which is an ideal place for dirt and bugs to hide. Make sure that this is not the case. Also, during hot months, you can even cut your dogs hair slightly to make it more comfortable.  Your dog should be properly trained. Training involves teaching your dog some important basic habits. A properly trained dog will also not spend time going through your trash and eating things that might be potentially harmful to it.

Alert owners can look for signs of illness in their dogs and catching these early is beneficial to the health of your dog. When you notice your dog is sick, visit your pet health care specialist immediately to sort out the problem earlier rather than later.

Pet Health Instructor
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