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Most Popular Cat Breed

 Submitted by Michael Adams on December 15, 2010

Its difficult to comment on which the best cat breed is. The choice of breed solely depends on the owner’s budget, time availability, living space and other such individual factors. However going by survey report the most popular cat breed across the world today is the Persian.

Over the years, Persians have consistently been named the most popular domestic cat breed. Infact this breed of cats had been topping the popularity charts since 1871. It is said that the ancestors of  today's Persians were brought back by 17th century European explorers along with other precious commodities such a s jewels, silks etc from the distant land of  Persia. Initially regarded as a luxury, it’s soon became a symbolic representative of the rich and elite

The Persian breed of cats is known to be extremely beautiful, poised and regal in its appearance and disposition.

Persians are available in a variety of colours such as white, black, gray, orange and a combination of these ranging almost upto 30 different colours. Persians require intense and regular grooming on a daily basis on account of its thick and luxurious coat which can grow upto 3 inches. In order to ensure that the Persian exquisite coat maintains its sheen and lustre, they have to be bathed on a regular basis, very carefully and thoroughly dried thereafter. For those owners who may like to have this breed of cats but may not have the time to spare for grooming them, the best option would be to shave the cat. Additionally, while grooming the cat, special attention should also be paid to their eyes which also have to be cleaned often to prevent any build-up of crust or tear stain marks. Physically Persians have large eyes and a short but sturdy legged body. Their ears are set far apart and they are easily identifiable by their shortened muzzles. On account of such a physical structure, the Persian moves in a very regal and aristocratic manner that adds to the overall charm and attractiveness of a Persian.

Temperamentally, the Persian is known to adapt well to its human surroundings. It is usually a very healthy breed of cat and does not have any breed specific health issues. The Persian may not be the most expensive cat breed but on account of its striking good looks and friendly disposition, this breed of cat is most popular the world over.

Pet Health Instructor
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