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How to Know If a Dog Has a Behavior Problem

(December 22, 2009)

Many people choose to adopt pets and rear them as a part of the family. Dogs enjoy a special status amongst pets because they are most preferred for their loyalty, attachment and affection towards the family. However, it is not unusual for dogs to develop behavior problems, because of which living with them no longer remains a pleasure.

A dog behavior is a major part of its charm. Everyone loves a dog that’s obedient. People may even ignore some of the tantrums of a mischievous dog. However, a dog that is misbehaving all the time may become impossible to live and adjust to. When a dog starts to behave in this manner, it is time for the family to do something about it. Since this behavior is no longer acceptable, a lot of times the family either gives up the dog or puts it down.

A lot of dogs tend to become naughty, spiteful or just plain disobedient. Every pet owner understands the normal behavior of dog, but many a times, small changes in behavior are ignored, because of which the dog may get reinforcement for its negative behavior. Eventually, this negative behavior becomes the dog’s ‘normal’ behavior. For instance, barking is a natural response and normal behavior of the dog. However, continuous barking without any reason or an attempt to call attention to itself is negative behavior and should not be encouraged.

The dog may find negative behavior rewarding and may not know that the behavior is bothersome till the time the dog owner stops it or punishes it. Some other examples of behavior problems include refusing to eat unless the dog is fed its favorite treat, urinating inside the house or in its own bed, showing aggression to its owner.
More often than not, negative behavior is learnt by the dog because the owner doesn’t correct it or isn’t aware of it. However, there is another reason why a dog may develop behavior problems. A lot of times, owners are not able to train their dogs correctly. One day, the owner may appreciate a kind of behavior and another day the same behavior may incite aggression. This confuses the dog as it is unable to understand whether the behavior is correct or not.

Inconsistent and over active behavior of a dog may result from inconsistent behavior of the dog owner. Rarely will you find a dog that is abnormal or maladaptive.

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