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How to treat urinary tract infection in dogs

(December 31, 2009)

A urinary tract infection is a very common occurrence amongst people all over the world. In much the same way, dogs are equally prone to the development of urinary tract infections. Much like any condition suffered by the animal, if the owner is aware of the various symptoms that are present with the condition, they are more likely to be able to act and treat the condition as soon as possible – thereby minimizing the amount of discomfort experienced by the animal. A urinary tract infection in dogs is primarily caused by a bacterium known as E. Coli. This bacterium is very prominent in the canine body and also plays a very significant role in microbial digestion. The bacteria will reside mainly in the animals gut and mouth. When the dog grooms itself, the bacteria are transferred to various parts of the body, including the genitals. When it accesses the genital area, the bacteria may tend to find its way up the urinary tract and start to grow there. If the immune system is not able to contain the bacteria, it is allowed to grow and become more permanent up until a point where it has a significant impact on the urination of the animal. In most cases, only when the bacteria have been allowed to grow and develop completely are you likely to notice the symptoms that usually develop.

The most common symptoms present when a canine suffers from a urinary tract infection includes a significant amount of pain during urination as well as a varying amount of blood present in the urine. As a result of the fact that the amount of urine passed during urination is much lower than normal (primarily because of the pain experienced during the process) the number of times that the animal has to urinate will also significantly increase. Due to the amount of water lost because of the constant urination, the animal is also likely to suffer from dehydration, so you need to make sure that the animal has a fresh, clean supply of water ready throughout the course of the day. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedy treatment options when it comes to treating urinary tract infections in dogs as well as humans. Mixing some pieces of garlic in with the animal’s meals is also known to help significantly but make sure that the pieces are small enough to be digested with ease.

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