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Can a Pregnant dog Have a UTI?

(December 31, 2009)

Just like with human beings, urinary tract infections are a very common occurrence and can cause a significant amount of irritation as well as discomfort to the affected animal. Pregnant dogs are equally susceptible to urinary tract infections as dogs that are not pregnant. The infection is primarily caused by a bacterium known as E. Coli, which is naturally present in the animals gut and mouth. As a result of the animal’s natural grooming habits, the bacterium is often transferred to the genitals. The bacteria may then gain access to the urinary tract and travel up towards the bladder or even further up toward the kidneys. If the animal’s immune system is not able to cope with the bacteria, it will be allowed to grow in the region – causing the infection to spread and develop. The most common symptoms that help diagnose the presence of a urinary tract infection in dogs are a significant increase in the number of times the animal urinates as well as the reduction in the amount of urine passed. Both of these symptoms can be directly attributed to the amount of pain felt by the pet during the time of urination. Some other common symptoms include the presence of blood in the urine passed as well as the development of a fever and a general feeling of malaise.

Given the fact that a urinary tract infection is a very common medical ailment, there are a number of rather effective natural home remedy treatment options that you could try which do not come with the risk of any side effects. A higher intake of citrus juices, for example, could help considerably due to the boosting effect it will have on the acidity of the dog’s urine. As a result of the higher acid content, the amount of bacteria present in the urine is minimized. Apple cider vinegar is another very highly regarded home remedy treatment option when it comes to combating urinary tract infections and all that is required is to simply add ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s food once a day. For increased effectiveness, you could also try adding some amount of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water for about three days. Often underrated, keeping your dog clean at all times is a very effective way of guarding the pet against urinary tract infections. A weekly bath will help minimize the bacteria content all over the animals’ body, thereby also reducing the likelihood of E.coli gaining access to the urinary tract.

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