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How to deal with dog skin problems

(December 31, 2009)

One has to understand that dog skin problems is a rather vast area and even with the same symptoms, such as a rash on your dog’s coat, causes could be many. This makes it rather difficult to identify and treat dog skin problems. In general some dermatitis or inflammation is observed amongst dogs fairly often. This could be accounted for by a wide variety of possible factors that lead to skin problems. The first thing to consider would be whether the skin problem is environmental in nature such as a new environment your dog is exposed to or a new brand of shampoo. One has to understand that dogs are not all alike and that their coats might require special care. There could be the problem of too few or too many dog baths. Either could lead to skin problems in your beloved pet so this is an area you need to pay attention to. It helps to identify possible sources of allergy that could have led to your dog’s skin problems. Examples of these include food varieties and fleas and can leave various telltale marks on your dog’s skin. Symptoms of skin problems in dogs as observed could take the form of eruptions, red bumps, thinning coats, patches on the skin and so on. In many cases, such dog skin problems are accompanied by other symptoms such as loss of appetite.

If the problem lies in fleas or mites, then getting rid of those skin problems your dog is facing is simply a matter of getting rid of these. This can be done via a combination of treatment for your dog and ensuring an environment free of these allergens. Treating the environment can be an uphill task which is extremely important at the same time. Even if you temporarily manage to stem the skin problem faced by the dog, there are high chances that such skin problems would come back, since the basic source which has ultimately caused your dog to experience skin problems, has not been attended to. In many cases what the dog needs is a better brand of dog food or more nutritious varieties of food to maintain a healthy coat. One has to remember that something as seemingly unrelated as intestinal parasites can lead to symptoms of skin problems in dogs. This is why it would be best for the dog to have his or her skin problems examined by a veterinarian. The veterinarian can then rule out health problems and other causes to arrive at likely causes of the dog’s skin eruptions.
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