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How long is a cat pregnancy

(March 26, 2010)

A cat, like other mammals needs to be in heat to get pregnant. Being in heat means that her reproductive system is ready to produce offspring. In this case, the cat will emit a scent that is picked up by males who will be attracted towards her. Human beings do not have this trait and can become pregnant at any time in the year. A cat may come into heat up to five times a year, but on average this happens twice or thrice a year. Some people believe that cats tend to be on heat only during summer months. Although this is not true, cats do tend to be on heat near or during a summer period as it is easy to raise young kittens when the climate is warm.

It is sometimes difficult to estimate the duration of your cat’s pregnancy if the cat has mated with a male outside the house and not under supervision. Cats can easily slip out of the house and one may not be aware that the cat has mated. It is therefore necessary to look for the signs that might point to a cat being pregnant.

The main sign that your cat is pregnant is by the nipples turning pink and becoming soft to touch. This sign may be accompanied by other symptoms such as weight gain around the stomach and abdomen, increased hunger and appetite or even symptoms of morning sickness. Some cats may become more affectionate during pregnancy.

A pregnancy in a cat lasts for a period of between 61 and 69 days from conception. However, as stated before, it may not always be possible to know the exact date of mating, so a rough estimate needs to be made. You should visit an animal doctor with your cat to judge the date in order to prepare for a litter of kittens. Your doctor can also tell you the number of kittens growing in the cat’s womb. It is possible for a cat to have up to 8 kittens at a time, although the average falls between 3 and 4.

If you are worried about the father of the cats being different than the male that you have at home, this may not be a worry. Male cats often may not know that the litter is not fathered by them and are generally not aggressive towards kittens.

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