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How to stop a cat from spraying?

(March 26, 2010)

All cats spray in order to hunt for partners and to mark their territory. It is however, a more common characteristic of male cats. Cats spraying can be very inconvenient for owners since it requires frequent cleaning and has a strong odor. Moreover, cats tend to spray everywhere and thus make it difficult for owners. There may be several factors that lead to spraying in cats. This behavior is generally triggered by stress resulting from visitors, visiting cats, remodeling or moving, problems with family members or other house pets. There are many ways to help your cat stop spraying. One of the easiest ways to keep your cat from spraying is to get it neutered. Neutering your cat will help prevent spraying effectively. Sometimes, spraying can be the result of an underlying medical condition. Take your cat to the veterinarian to rule out the possibility of such a disorder.

Most often, cats suffering from a bladder infection tend to spray. In such a case, treating the underlying disorder will help control spraying effectively. Sometimes, treating excessive stress can help your cat stop spraying outside his/her litter box. If he/she is uncomfortable with the litter box for some reason, then eliminating becomes very stressful. Your cat may then start spraying the furniture as a consequence. Ensure that your cat’s litter box is kept clean and is in a location that affords enough privacy to your cat. This will help control spraying immediately.

Observe your cat to help locate what exactly causes him/spray. Sometimes, the presence of another cat may cause your own to spray. If this other cat is a housemate, then you should separate them to help minimize spraying. If an outdoor cat is the cause for your cat’s spraying then you should block your cat’s view of this other cat. Change his/her everyday environment or routine to discourage him/her from looking at the outdoor cat and this may help stop the spraying. In addition, this may help relieve any anxiety or stress that’s making your cat spray. To help minimize your cat’s stress effectively, ensure that you pet him/her frequently to establish a feeling of security. Helping your cat feel secure is an important aspect of reducing his/her stress. Set aside time every day to play with your cat and this will help eliminate stress effectively. Once your cat is feeling more secure and is no longer threatened, then he/she may stop spraying

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