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Can cat sense pregnancy

(April 13, 2010)

Cat Pregnancy Signs

Cats and dogs are believed to have a sixth sense that enables them to sense and anticipate certain important events way before they are to occur. We have heard stories of animals sensing an earthquake, eruption from a volcano or any changes in weather before humans can, which astonishes everyone. In fact it is believed that the sense of smell of a cat is 14 times stronger as compared to humans. There is no scientific evidence to back this theory but it is true that cats can sense pregnancy way before you even know it. They are probably not aware of what exactly is going to happen or that a baby is going to be in the family after a couple of months but they can sense the changes that you experience in terms of your behavior, posture and emotions and no matter how minute these changes are and not visible to humans, cats can easily sense them. A woman’s body undergoes a number of hormonal changes during pregnancy and your cat can sense these too. You will observe a drastic change in the behavior of your cat where they become exceptionally affectionate and friendly towards you. Your cat might constantly want to hover around you or want to cuddle up and sleep with you or sit on your lap or lick your belly. On the other hand, some cats owners have had experiences of their cat being least bothered about their owner being pregnant behaving in a very indifferent way towards them.

Cats can even sense a change in your body language and routine and know when your movements are changing or when you are relaxing a little too often on the couch and when family members are paying extra care and attention of you. Your cats will get overprotective with you around after observing these changes. This is usually not the case, but if you feel your cat is misbehaving to a great extent during your pregnancy or if you are not sure how she will adjust to the fact of a new baby being around, seek help from a professional. In order to avoid any such problems, try and adhere to your daily routine as much as possible during pregnancy and also prepare a tentative plan especially when you are going to be at the hospital for a couple of days. Make another family member in charge to take care of your pet giving them a list of their entire schedule.

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