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How to Massage Dog?

(April 30, 2010)

Have you heard of a dog massage? Surprised? Well, don’t you feel really good when you go for a massage occasionally? It’s an exhilarating feeling that leaves you relaxed and tension free. Your dog too will feel the same after a massage. Dog massage therapy is something you can pamper your dog with once in a while.

A good dog massage will not only help your dog feel comforted and relaxed, but will help increase its blood circulation, relieve it of any arthritis pain, and help the nervous system. It is a good idea to entrust a deep dog massage for your canine to a professional or to someone who has good knowledge of a dog’s anatomy; however, a light massage at home can do a world of good for your dog, too. Here are a few steps on how to massage a dog and make it feel good.

  • A light dog massage is very simple and easy. Make your dog lie down on a mat or rug that is firm. If you have a small dog you could make it lie on your lap. The first step involves stroking your dog slowly from his head to his tail.  Next, scratch your dog under places such as its ears and chin. Next move over to places like the back and over its head and between the eyes.
  • Stand astride your dog and slowly move your three fingers over its body in small and circular movements. The chest, neck, and shoulder areas have to be covered at this stage
  • Continue this same motion from the buttock to the thigh area and this should continue from the leg down to the paw. Make sure you cover both the front and back of all the legs in both upward and downward direction.  
  • Use your thumb and index finger to massage the spine and continue this movement to the end of its tail. Make sure you cover its thighs as well. Then make some simple moves that are slow and soft from the top of the head to its tail.
  • If your dog is restless and tense you could massage the muzzle to help it relax. Use one of your hands to support its jaw and make small circular movements on its muzzle with your other hand.
Your dog will feel relaxed and sleepy by the time you reach the final step.  Massaging your dog may be a good form of relaxation for you as well and by the time you finish you may find your worries melting away. So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and give your dog a great massage. 
Submitted by N M on April 30, 2010 at 06:51


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