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How to Improve Dog Health

(May 6, 2010)

Dogs are among some of the most affectionate and passionate pets to keep. No wonder then that they are amongst the most popular pets all over the world. Moreover, the fact that each breed has a different mentality and look means that every dog lover can choose from a host of breeds to get the pet that best suits his or her personality. As with any animals, there are a number of issues that an owner will encounter when taking care of one, the benefits of keeping a pet dog greatly outweigh the negatives. Although there are obvious communication problems, dogs are able to latch on to their master’s emotion and can provide some of the best companionship in times of strife or even solitude. Moreover, they are also extremely playful and can really brighten up the direst of days with their fun loving nature. Since a canine’s lifespan is much shorter than its human counterparts, most dog lover will have cared for more than one pet dog. The death of a pet dog is a very emotional time for all family members and the loss of the animal will almost always feel like a loss of a complete family member.  As a result, most dog owners are starting to take dog health care a little more seriously.

Although dogs have a very advanced immune system considering the rubbish that thy sometimes eat, it is not uncommon for them to be often affected by a number of conditions. Identifying the underlying conditions through the help of symptoms present is the most important part of correct and effective treatment. What makes it harder is the fact that most canines will tend to suffer in silence when unwell and will not make it too obvious that they are affected by some condition or the other, meaning that by the time the owner realizes that something is wrong, the condition has probably progressed to its more advanced stages. Moreover, given the fact that there are a host of different breeds’ means that some types are more susceptible to certain diseases than others. However, some of the more common conditions to affect dogs irrespective of breeds include diabetes, dog cancer and aural hematoma. Aural hematoma is usually the result of the dog scratching its ears incessantly – more likely to be a reaction to the presence of fleas or a ear infection and will require some veterinarian treatment while diabetes left untreated show symptoms of a ravenous appetite combined with surprising weight loss. This is primarily because of the fact that despite the food intake, the lack of insulin in the animal’s body prevents the cells from receiving the required nutrients.
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