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How to Choose Kitten?

(May 14, 2010)

When trying to choose a kitten amongst many others some of the common decision making questions involve whether the kitten should be a short haired kitten or a long haired one. This is a relevant consideration from the point of view that the longer haired kittens or cats like the Persian cat do need a lot more daily grooming. This daily brushing of the cat’s fur is essential in keeping the cat beautiful and also keeping it healthy. If the cat owner finds this too much work then it is preferable that they adopt kitten with short hair. Another key consideration when choosing kittens is to decide on a suitable breed. When one is choosing a kitten one should do enough of checks on the traits and habits of the breeds that they are selecting. This is primarily since not all breeds may adapt to the owners houses. For example, Persian cats are definitely indoor animals and hence will not like a lifestyle that is centered on the outdoors. Similarly there may be other kittens that prefer the outdoor lifestyle and may not adjust with living in an apartment in a building.   

Another important step when selecting a kitten is in trying to meet with the kittens’ mother. Normally one can ascertain from observing the mother’s characteristics whether the kitten will be friendly, aggressive or placid. For those who will be choosing their kittens from adoption homes, they can try checking with home keepers on the personality traits that are being exhibited by the kitten in question. It is preferable to notify the trainers on the kind of cat one is looking for as this will then help later when it comes to the cat adjusting to its environment.

One should also take into account any other pets one might have around. For instance not all cats and dogs get along and if one has a cat and a dog under the same roof and they do not live in harmony then the environment can become very hostile. Most times if the dog has already got used to sharing his space with another cat then it is less likely to be hostile to the new kitten. Try and ensure that the new kitten settles down and starts to socialize from the start. This can help in reducing any possible hostile situations. When getting a new kitten into one’s house try and ensure that it has been checked thoroughly by a vet and does not suffer from any diseases or conditions.

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