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How to Hold Dog?

(May 14, 2010)

Cats and dogs cannot be handled in just any way. They always need to be picked up or carried in a specific manner to avoid any possibility of injury to the animal. This principle holds true for most animals and birds and thus before one makes any attempt to handle a dog or hold dog, one should first understand and learn the correct way to carry dog. There are various ways in which can try holding dog; these include making use of a carrying strap. This kind of strap is usually elongated and will have a rear end and also a front end. In this particular arrangement a front leg strap for the first and leg and also a front leg strap for the second will be provided. Both of the rear strap legs will also have a loop position and also have a position that is elongated. Both of these particular elongated parts of the strap will be attached and will also extend in a direction away from the looped portion. The elongated parts of the strap will finish in free ends.

When trying or attempting to pick up a particular dog always start by approaching the dog from its side. Then one should bend and scoop the dog upwards with one of your hands holding the dog’s rear end and tail down and the other dog in a position around the dog’s front legs. One should be holding the dog right under the hips. The reason why it is important to tuck the dog’s tail down is to prevent the tail from breaking or injuring in the event of it slipping and falling out of your hands. This style is primarily for picking up a large dog. If one is picking up a smaller dog then the correct method would be to simply pick up the dog with one hand. In this case your hand should be in between the back legs and the front legs of the dog. Always remember that one should never ever lift a dog only by its fore legs. This is mainly as it can cause the dog to suffer from acute muscle damage. For a small dog one can even hold it in a position such that it is sitting up on you with one of your hands holding its rear end and one across the dog’s chest, in case it is facing away from you.

Submitted by N M on May 14, 2010 at 06:16


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