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How to Bathe Dog?

(May 18, 2010)

Dogs need to be bathed for various reasons. Dogs especially love rolling about in the mud and they also tend to attract fleas and other parasites. It is important for dog owners to know the right manner in which to bathe their dog. One can also discuss different dog bathing techniques with a veterinarian. You could also find out more about types of shampoos to use based on your dog’s breed and coat type. Once you are done bathing the dog, the shampoo needs to be thoroughly rinsed off as otherwise it can lead to irritation of the dog’s skin. Here are some tips on how you can bathe your dog.

Firstly, keep all the items you will need to bathe your dog close at hand but out of your dog’s reach. This would include the shampoo, brush, anti-slip mat, and towel. Then place your dog inside the bucket or tub. Keep a grip on the dog’s collar throughout the bath so that he doesn’t attempt to run away. Avoid getting water into the dog’s ears as they dislike this and also because it increases a dog’s risk of ear infections. You can place cotton balls into the ears of your dog to prevent water from seeping in. The water you bathe your dog with should be warm. Pour water over the dog’s coat and then still holding his collar; apply shampoo with your other hand. For dog hair care, massage the shampoo into the dog’s coat in the direction opposite to that of hair growth. This will help to dislodge all dead skin and loose hair. Avoid applying shampoo to the dog’s head. In case the dog seems uneasy about the process, calm him down by talking to him gently. Once you are done shampooing the coat, you can then apply shampoo to his head using both hands. Do this gently and slowly, taking care not to get any shampoo into the eyes or mouth of the dog.

Rinse the dog’s head with warm water and dry it off well. Then rinse the rest of his body until there are no traces of suds left. Remove excess water by rubbing the coat downwards. Once most of water has been removed, dry the dog with a towel and wrap another towel around him. Remove the cotton balls from his ears and gently dry the insides of his ear with a clean dry cotton swab. Don’t forget to dry the fur beneath the collar. Dogs with long-hair coats can be dried using a blow dryer run at the lowest setting. Remember to reassure your dog throughout the process by talking to him

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