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How to Feed Dog?

(May 27, 2010)

Dogs are a very common household pet and very revered for their outstanding loyalty as well as companionship – especially when they are looked after well by their master. Cats are the only other animal that comes even close to rivaling the supremacy of dogs when it comes to being a popular household pet, but most cats will tend to be rather aloof and not to bothered about the master – which is  in complete contrast to most dogs – which will usually develop a deep emotional connection and understanding with  its master. Bringing up and caring for a dog is very similar to caring for a child in that certain focus needs to be maintained on not only the kinds of activities it performs, but also its social interactions as well as kind of nutrition that is gets. The question what to feed dog is a rather complicated one because of the fact that different breeds of canine will have their preferences as well as advantages when fed certain types of dog food. While the recommended consumption for many dog owners is a single meal a day with a number of snacks over the remainder of the day, some dog owner may even provide their animals with three meals during the day. However, one should keep in mind the fact that it needs to be completely proportional to the amount of exercise the animal gets as well. For example, feeding the animal three meals a day and keeping it locked up in an apartment – preventing it from getting the amount of exercise it need’s can be very damaging for the overall health of the animal. However, if it resides in a bungalow or row house with ample space to get the exercise it requires, it will only serve the make the animal stronger.  

When choosing food for your dog, pay special attention to the protein ratios so that they are proportionate to your animals breed and age, while canned foods are known to help significantly in keeping the teeth clean. Overfeeding the animal can lead to a variety of medical problems including musculoskeletal problems as well as hip dysplasia. Just as important it is to make sure you provide your pooch a balanced diet, it is also important to keep in mind what not to feed your dog. It is essential to avoid giving the animal any chocolate or cocoa as the substance is converted into a poisoning substance in the animal’s stomach – leading to possible death.
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