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How Dogs Learn?

(June 10, 2010)

Dog learning is not an easy activity and pet owners should put some time and effort into training their dogs. It is important to remember how dogs learn before starting any kind of training regiment. Firstly, every individual dog has different capabilities and requirements and he/she should be trained accordingly. You can help train your dog effectively with the help of a few dog training tips. Dog learning can only happen effectively if you are consistent during training. Therefore, while teaching your pup to obey orders for instance, always ensure that you use the same phrases and in the same tone of voice. All members of your household should take care that they do not confuse the pup by giving him/her different commands for the same action. For instance, while teaching your dog “come” or “fetch”, it is important that everyone in the household who says this to the dog is able to convey the same sense to him/her. This is only possible if everyone uses the same tone of voice and phrase so that your dog can identify its meaning over time. Multiple utterances of the same command can confuse your pet and interfere with dog learning.

Moreover, it is important to maintain consistency in training timings and method as well. If you have been encouraging good dog behavior with moderate amounts of reward, then you must make sure that this is followed consistently through training. If your puppy gets used to excessive attention or rewards, then it may be difficult to train him/her to do things without extravagant rewards and praise. Maintain proper training timings so that your pet is able to distinguish between play time and training time. This is important because commands may not always override natural instincts and your dog should be given some free time to play and relax. If you mix training time and playing time, then it may be difficult to keep the two apart, thereby making it difficult to train your dog. He/she may become playful while training and may learn that commands can just be ignored during times that you have no control. In addition, keep training sessions short to help motivate dog learning. How dogs learn is very similar to how children do: they tend to become bored when occupied with the same activity for too long. Try and make sure that training sessions don’t last longer than fifteen minutes to help hold your dog’s attention.
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