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My dog ate chicken bones and now there is blood in stool. What to do? He ate approximately 2-4 chicken bones out of my trash last night and it's approx 7pm this evening and there is blood in her stool what do i do?

(August 3, 2010)

Dogs love to chew on bones. Maybe this is one of their traits from their wild ancestors the wolf and the fox which have been known to carry away whole chickens and chew the bones too. Dogs also have the same instinct for meat and bones. That is why even if your dog has never ever eaten chicken bones he will be able to sniff them out and try eating them. Bones are actually good for your dog but only if they are raw. When we cook the bones the juices are eliminated and they proteins harden and dry them to an extent of making them brittle. When these bones become so brittle they can splinter very easily and cause damage inside your dog’s digestive system. Maybe that is what happened when your dog ate chicken bones. A dog’s intestines are very small and therefore become a hard job for it to try and digest the food that it eats. Bones are never easily digested and the break into more splinters inside the intestines that that is what causes your pet to suffer. These small splinters with sharp edges are very capable of injuring or cutting the lining of the intestine as they travel through it trying to get digested. This cutting of the lining or internal injuries is what might cause bleeding that shows when your dog passes stools. And that can be the reason that you saw blood in its stools the next day. Sometimes dog diarrhea can also set it mainly because of indigestion of these cooked bones.

Even during diarrhea you may find traces of blood in the stools. You may also find that your dog is lethargic and prefers to lie in one corner which may be a drastic change from its usually active and energetic behavior; this can be mainly because its stomach hurts and it can’t help it. Sadly unlike most diseases this condition has no visible symptoms and so most of the time they go as undetected and at times late realization can be fatal. If your dog ate chicken bones and has diarrhea, the best thing to do is to watch him carefully for 12 hours and if his condition does not stabilize, you would need to take him to the vet as soon as possible. And in future, make sure you keep all your cooked and fried chicken bones away from your dog.
Submitted by N M on August 3, 2010 at 06:38


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