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Dog With Enlarged Heart. What to Feed

(July 28, 2010)

A lot of the treatment depends on what to feed the dog with heart enlargement. A diet that is low in sodium content is known to be very beneficial while there are also a number of medications that are available at any pet health store that will, to some extent at least, help control the condition. Another aspect of the dogs diet that one needs to keep in mind is the fact that the animals intake should also contain a decent amount of L-cartinine and taurine. Taurine, especially, is known to help regulate the heartbeat and helps in the absorption of calcium in periods of reduced oxygen intake. Dog heart disease is a very serious concern and a pet owner should always consult a local veterinarian to seek help on treatment options.

Dogs are probably the most common pet all over the world and given the fact that there are so many varieties of breeds means that one can always pick the type of dog that is going to match his or her personality. Nowadays, most dog master bonds are developed so strong that the animal is more often than not treated just as any other member of the family. No wonder then that most dog owners are rather crestfallen when their beloved pet is suffering in some way o another. The fact that most dogs prefer to suffer in silence even when the condition that they are affected by is rather serious only means that it is much harder to detect the presence or development of a condition, no matter how serious, in its early stages. Most dogs will only show their suffering once it has become unbearable – which also means that the condition has almost fully developed and that much harder to treat. A dog enlarged heart is one of the more common heart diseases in dogs and usually develops in the large dog breed in and around their middle years. The primary causes of the condition have not been identified as yet, but studies have shown that some dogs suffer from the condition purely as a result of genetics where the condition has been handed down throughout their bloodline from one generation to the next. The complications that develop as a result of heart enlargement can be very wide spread because of the fact that the heart now tends to pump the blood less effectively throughout the body – causing a number of organs to receive a significant shortage from their regular supplies.
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