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How Long Are Dogs Pregnant For?

(August 2, 2010)

Female dogs get pregnant and have a particular pattern that they go through in their pregnancy just as humans have different stages of pregnancy. The question of how long are dogs pregnant differs from breed to breed but most of the times it lasts for about 2 months that is anything between 59 to 64 days. The dog pregnancy calendar has three stages wherein each stage consists of around 21 days. There are a range of symptoms that you will observe while your dog is pregnant and in the first two weeks of pregnancy, you will see that their nipples become big. You can take your dog to the veterinarian after you see this symptom to confirm if she is pregnant and what stage she is in. Your doctor will be able to know if your dog is pregnant by feeling the stomach. You might notice certain changes in the behavior of your dog where she might want to be left alone and has reduced her activities during the course of the day. As she reaches the sixth week of dog pregnancy, there will be an increase in her appetite that is almost 50 percent more as compared to the usual intake and thus, the amount of nutrition required by her will be much more. You need to ensure that you give her good quality food that is rich in proteins and feed her with smaller quantities for more number of times throughout the day. Your dog will deliver the babies without any help from a veterinarian. However, in some cases, you might need the doctor to intervene and this is in case dog gestation has gone beyond 65 days or if they are experiencing contractions for over two hours and certain other problems.

Two weeks before your dog delivers, you should keep a tentative place ready where your dog will deliver. False pregnancy may also occur in case dogs did not mate while they were in heat. In this case, even though they are not pregnant, their body is getting ready for it and in some cases, the dogs start digging into the ground, start building their nests or even produce milk. This condition however, does not pose any harm to the health of your dog and normally lasts for about 4 days. There are chances that it may occur again after the dog is in heat and for this reason, you need to consult a veterinarian.  

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