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Why Do Dogs Sneeze?

(December 8, 2010)

Dogs Sneezing Causes

Just like humans, sneezing in dogs is also a common phenomenon which may be on account of inhaling allergens or nasal irritants. Sneezing in dogs and cats is basically a reflex action of the upper respiratory tract which is triggered when the dog or cat inhales an irritant. Thus a dog sneezing involves the dog inhaling some irritant which tends to sensitize the nerves that line the nasal cavity and the nose which in turn causes the dog to sneeze in an explosive manner or loudly. If the dog sneezes occasionally then it may not be cause for concern however if the dog is sneezing constantly then it may be suffering from a serious medical condition.

In some cases a dog runny nose is synonymous with sneezing which is an indication that the dog may be having dental or sinus problems. The most common reason as to why dogs sneeze is airborne pathogens such as virus and bacteria which infect the upper respiratory system. Sneezing in dogs may also be caused on account of temporary irritants such as inhalation of toxic fumes, household cleaning chemicals and even smoking. In another more sever cause of sneezing in dogs is the presence of a tumor in both the nostrils or just any one nostril. In such cases, when the dogs sneezes there may also be a bloody discharge from the nose. Some commonly observed behavior in dogs after sneezing includes nose bleeding, frequent rubbing of the nose, gagging, nasal discharge, wheezing and lethargy. The treatment for dog sneezing is dependent on the determining the cause of the dog sneezing which could result from nasal problems, dental problems, sinus problems and even a tumor growth. Sometimes there also be foreign particles that may be clogged in the dog’s nasal cavity. If the dog only sneezes occasionally and there is no change in its level of activity or appetite then there may not be a need to visit the veterinarian,. However if the dog is sneezing constantly with or without a nasal discharge , loss of appetite , lethargy etc then it is essential to visit the veterinarian to determine the cause of the sneezing and accordingly administer the correct treatment.

Those dogs that sneeze frequently on account of allergens tend to be healthy otherwise and drink, eat and remain as active as they usually are. Dogs also end up sneezing because of infection cause d by virus, fungi or bacteria which may infect them at any time of the year.

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