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Why Do Dogs Cough?

(December 9, 2010)

Kennel Cough In Dogs

Why do dogs cough? There are many reasons as to why a dog might be coughing. These include:

• Distemper: Most dogs are vaccinated against this but some dogs, especially puppies, dogs with weak immune systems or older dogs are more susceptible to it. Symptoms of this are a dry cough, fever and a thick yellow discharge from the nose and eyes.
• Internal parasites: Roundworm and other parasites that infect the intestinal tract and then move upwards into the respiratory tract can also make a dog cough. Heartworm is another parasite that causes coughing when they are in the dog’s lungs. Heartworm is a fatal disease.
• Kennel cough: Dry hacking coughs are symptoms of this. It usually subsides in about two weeks but till then the dog is in great discomfort due to frequent bouts of coughing.
• Heart disease and heart failure: Congestive heart failure in dogs will result in coughing as the enlarged heart compresses the airway.
• Auto Immune diseases: This is when the dog’s immune system attacks its own tissue. The excess mucus produced in the respiratory tract as a result of this leads to a wet sounding cough.
• Allergies: Allergic responses to pollen and other irritants may produce a wet sounding cough.
• Fungal infections: This is applicable to dogs that live near places where there are several bird droppings. Dogs inhale the fungus spores and coughing results
• Coccidiosis: This micro-organism affects a dog’s lungs and respiratory system.
• Tracheal collapse: Another reason for a dog coughing. \
• Tuberculosis: also gives rise to coughs in dogs.

The answer to “why do dogs cough” can also be attributed to a kennel cough. Canine infectious tracheobronchitis or Dog kennel cough affects the trachea lining which causes irritation. It is a common infectious disease among dogs. Symptoms include a dog coughing when it is doing some physical activity like exercising. The dog will also sound like it is clearing its throat or be hacking persistently. Severe kennel coughs will make your dog throw up food or mucus. A vet will be able to diagnose kennel cough. Both natural and medical remedies are available to treat this kind of cough. Take your dog immediately to the vet if you suspect kennel cough. It is often the result of underlying medical conditions as mentioned above.

A chronic cough in a dog can be the result of serious illnesses such as heartworm, pneumonia, allergies, or bronchitis. It is a dry cough that lasts for 2-3 weeks and affects a dog’s breathing, sleeping and energy levels.

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