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Why Is My Dog Drooling?

(December 9, 2010)

Excessive Dog Drooling Causes

Dog salivating should not be a cause for concern unless the drooling is excessive. Usually dogs will drool if it sees a piece of meat in front of it or any other such delicious food. In such cases their mouths begin to water and they have an instant urge to grab the food. However excessive dog drooling may be a sign of   the dog being medically unwell and needs to be investigated further. Excessive canine drooling may be on account of the dog having consumed some poison accidentally or if they are suffering from pain in some part of its body. Accidental consumption of detergents, phenyl, mothballs, chocolates, mouthwash houseplant leaves and even insect stings are known to cause excessive canine drooling or even choking vomiting or lead to a headache. Another cause for dog salivating excessively is a ear infection, infection of the urinary tract, back problems, wounds and injuries in their body etc These health conditions may cause the dog to drool excessively even when they are asleep. Similarly, at times the dog’s digestive system tends ot get dilated and bloated on account of intestinal blockage and the twisting of the stomach.

As a result the dog is unable to vomit or belch any trapped food , water or gas and hence starts drooling heavily which may also be on account of a stomach pain. Like human, some dogs also suffer from motion sickness and may drool excessively when they are travelling. Excessive canine drooling can also be caused by a more serious liver problem in dogs which requires urgent medical attention. Excessive dog drooling may be controlled effectively by giving them some homeopathic remedies such as lemon extracts that are known to inhibit the secretion of saliva. However the veterinarian should be consulted before administering any home remedies as the lemon extract is known to make the dogs mouth go dry suddenly which is not healthy. Dogs who drool excessively when travelling should ideally be fed at least 3 hours prior to the travel. Most dogs will begin to drool when they get excited on when they are anticipating some food, in such cases, the owners may place some paper towels on the floor or carpet to help clean up the drool. A more permanent solution to excessive drooling in dogs is to perform surgery wherein the excess skin from the mouth area of the dog is removed. However the veterinarian will not usually recommend surgery as it tends to change the facial structure of the dog

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