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Why is my dog vomiting white foam?

(September 22, 2011)

A dog vomiting white foam means you need to check the real cause and start the correct treatment. This vomiting often occurs as soon as the dog wakes up in the morning and is termed as reflux gastritis. The foaming substance being vomited is bile which is expelled because of irritation to the stomach resulting from the excessive presence of bile. This problem starts when your dog develops a history of acute pancreatic disease or inflammation of the bowels. When the stomach is empty for long, the digestive acids build up in the course of the night, and start making the dog uncomfortable by morning. The best and simplest solution is to feed your dog a small snack late at night. As your dog digests his food, it utilizes some of the acids, and lessens the quantity which prevents the dog from vomiting. If this does not work, accept that the situation is beyond your control and that you need to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Dogs vomiting white foam – bloating

Your dog vomits white foam when he suffers from bloating. This can lead to a fatal canine illness. When there is a buildup of gas or too much food that obstructs blood flow or the passage of gas from the stomach, it swells up. Along with white foam, there will be drooling and salivating, as well as a swollen abdomen, all kinds of shock and an impending collapse. If you cannot get the stomach to subside, then the only remedy is to take the dog to a vet immediately.

Dog vomiting blood

The sight of your dog vomiting blood would quite naturally be a lot more disturbing than a normal incident of vomiting. The loss of blood is always disturbing and could be indicative of bleeding internally or some other conditions. Vomiting of blood as a condition is known as hematemesis. This ailment is caused by a wide array of problems that may affect your dog. Any diagnosis that is made would depend primarily on the amount of blood observed in the dog’s vomit. If you notice a few drops of blood in the vomit and they are a bright red, then you would know that the blood is fresh and probably originates from a cut in the mouth or the gums of the dog. But if the entire vomit is discolored with a dark red bordering on brown, then it could be due to a bleeding ulcer in the stomach. If the dog is throwing up blood, then there can be many reasons. Poisonous chemicals ingested along with food, or a foreign object or something metallic with sharp points or edges, could be the cause. Even certain diseases of the liver or kidney can be responsible for the problem.
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